Gone are the days when brick and mortar commercial outlets were prevalent. These are the days with the latest online e-commerce shopping websites. Though you might have a well-performing physical outlet, having a website is essential as well.

To take the website to the next level, website development plays a prominent role in your business.

This is one of the main aspects of marketing your business. Your website should attract customers and convert them into loyal customers.

Your website development must be a two-way mode for interaction. In most cases, the website’s first impression decides your company’s business. Web design and web development go hand in hand for any e-commerce business.

Right from the appearance, functionality, navigation and coding integrity, a lot goes into creating a successful website. In this article, we will discuss the top aspects required for website development.

Let us see one by one:

1. Obtain the right domain name:

Yes, it is all in the title. Choose a trendy and catchy domain name to attract users. Obtaining the right domain name is the foremost thing you should plan before starting your website development plan.

Try unique yet simple domain names. Do not confuse the audience with long and complicated words.

A good domain name is always short, sweet, and predictable. It adds more effect if you incorporate the brand name in the title. Your domain name should be reflective of your business.

2. Informative Content:

The content should be crisp and concise. No need to add long paragraphs as part of the content. It should be interesting enough to engage the viewers and render informative value on the topic which it aims to highlight.

Keep the content entertaining, do not use difficult words; instead, choose simple and regular expressions for the audience.

3. Call to Action:

Call to action is crucial to engage the users or customers to develop trust between you and the customers. Implementing calls to action on your website encourages first time users or customers to contact your business.

An eye-catching line like ‘grab a 10{a7758c3706987b952e6c06b8e84de22b0478c6ec9e4b4c13f69a9ea693861278} off on your first order,’ ‘buy now, pay later!’, ‘drop an email to us’ are so refreshing that the customers instantly connect with you and your website.

However, if a user has just visited your website to discover the brands, collections, pricings etc., you can invite them to subscribe to a newsletter for all the sales and services’ updates.

Even though the customers do not always follow through, it is still vital to induce a call-to-action theory in every web page.

4. Implement the best content management system:

There should be an ideal back-end platform for any excellent functioning website. Always choose the best content management system that supports every step-in website development.

The CMS should support all things required to impress the customers in all the aspects like the website design, the font style, templates, easy navigation, relative information, CTA, fast loading webpages, and many more.

It is a priority to have robust back end services to make your website appealing. It would be best if you wooed visitors at the first go to turn into valuable customers.

 5. Responsive Website:

Responsive Web design should be added to your website for better user response. It suggests that both design and development should help users create the interactive approach and environment based on the platform they are using.

However, this is a mixture of layouts, grids, pictures, links, and CSS queries. So, whenever the user switches from desktop to laptop, laptop to iPad, the website should effortlessly switch to accommodate image size, resolution and loading speed.

The website should afford the latest technology to auto-respond to the user’s preference in simple words. This is a significant setback as there will be no need for a different web design and web development for every new gadget and technology.

6. Security:

Security should never be a compromise for your e-commerce website. Let us concentrate on the first things first. Cybersecurity is the need of the hour as many data breaches are happening every hour daily.

Providing website security is not a luxury anymore; it is the basic that builds trust and confidence for the visitors and customers who visit or shop through your website. Talking about security, the immediate thing that should come to mind is a cheap SSL certificate. Installing an SSL certificate will draw the users’ attention as they can see the HTTPS in the address bar with a lock symbol.

7. Reliable Host:

Just like people rely on hardware experts for all the hardware requirements or services, for website developers, online business owners (big or small), developers, bloggers, and others, choosing a reliable host is a big deal.

The common question that comes to mind is, which is the best hosting provider? To further narrow it down, always choose a reliable hosting partner to help you in business growth.

Sometimes the servers might go down and take your own sweet time to rectify. Your host should be able to bounce back immediately after a technical glitch. A good host will increase the traffic to your website and performance.


The above discussed are the aspects of website development; these are the crucial factors to consider while creating a website.

Moreover, your website development will influence the other parameters like traffic rate, bouncing rate, navigation, engaging ratios, conversion rates and many more. Attracting and engaging the customers for your website is the only goal for securing your online business in the future. Adding a cheap SSL certificate is an add-on for your website security and increasing the traffic rate and productivity.

If you are a large or small business owner, it is essential to follow these tips mentioned above for your business for consistency and productivity.