We are currently moving into a world where 3rd party cookies will disappear and marketing projects, centred around 1st party data, will become increasingly more common. With these changes almost upon us, clients are starting to investigate how they can leverage their own data assets to deliver further value across a broad range of use cases including acquisition, retail media, retention, personalisation, upsell and more. However, in order to deploy an advanced data marketing project, clients need to devise a strategy in-line with their business requirements first.

The rise of specialist consultancies

Over the past few years, there have been a number of specialist consultancies which have appeared on the scene who offer clients services to help them codify their requirements and deploy a best-in-class approach to data marketing.

Enter Canton Marketing.

Canton is an innovative professional services business, built by leading industry veterans, Robert Webster and Nick King.

Canton was created with the belief that connecting creative, technology and media channels improves digital marketing results. By providing a range of services including consultancy (marketing audits, transformation programmes, inhousing) and Media Engineering (measurement, attribution, research), Canton is able to provide clients with the expert strategy and advice they need to ensure data marketing projects are deployed efficiently. And with a proven track record of deploying these services for the likes of Sky, Vodafone and Paddy Power Betfair, they are well positioned within the data marketing industry as we move into this new world.

Underpinned by technology

And whilst clients require businesses such as Canton to deploy a best-in-class approach, technology is also needed to underpin any chosen strategy. There are many platforms in the market today who help clients deploy data marketing use cases — including CDPs, DMPs, Marketing Automation and many more.

Enter mediarithmics.

Led in the UK by Phil Raby, who has spent the past 15 years working with leading enterprise brands, mediarithmics positions itself as a Universal Data Platform, acting as the central nervous system, deploying the best CDP, DMP and alliance capabilities. This approach enables mediarithmics to deploy 00s of data marketing use cases in a flexible way, including alliances, acquisition, personalisation, retention and many more. Whether it is helping brands deploy safe and secure alliances for data enrichment and retail media use cases, through to advanced acquisition use cases such as ROPO, online/offline activation and measurement, mediarithmics is the infrastructure, or piping, which enables brands to meet their strategic goals from a data marketing perspective.

Consultancies and technology working together

As we move into this new world where 1st party data becomes more important, it is imperative that businesses like Canton and mediarithmics work together to provide value for brands and publishers. They can do this by working alongside each other to codify the brand or publishers data marketing requirements in order to deliver an end-to-end approach.

We have included a small diagram below outlining how this could work in practice:

In conclusion

As noted throughout this article, it is important for marketers to understand the value that each party brings to the table and how they can work together to deliver your goals. Progressive marketers that are looking at solving their challenges surrounding data-driven marketing should contact mediarithmics and Canton directly to understand how they can help future proof your business as we move into 2021.