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Qualcomm unveils 7 new Internet of Things chips to power smart grocery carts, remote work tech

Qualcomm has been working for years to get its mobile technology into other products besides smartphones — think drones, laptops and smart security cameras.

Those efforts to connect the unconnected — generally called the Internet of Things — have recently started to deliver consequential financial results for Qualcomm, with revenue topping $1 billion in each of the past two quarters.

To help keep the momentum going, San Diego’s largest publicly traded company rolled out a suite of seven new Internet of Things chips this week. They range from entry-level to premium tier semiconductors. Features include baked-in artificial intelligence and security,

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WWDC 2021: Is Apple planning a ‘homeOS’ (that would also work in the office)?

As we reach the 11th hour for WWDC speculation comes hints Apple may at last make smarthomes — and by extension, smart offices, warehouses or anything else with smart devices — better with a homeOS to bring the disparate strands of its current strategy together.

‘iOS, watchOS, tvOS and homeOS’

This is what was suggested in a recruitment ad posted to the company’s website, which mentioned a homeOS system for the first time (before the ad was revised to drop the reference).

The original job listing for a Senior iOS Engineer for the Apple Music team (spotted by

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How Vaccine Passports for International Travel Will Work

Visiting another country? You will need a passport and, probably, a digital vaccination document.

Hoping to restore international travel, the European Union, some Asian governments and the airline industry want to create a vaccine passport.

They are working on systems for travelers to use phone apps to prove they have been vaccinated. This will help travelers avoid local quarantine requirements when they arrive.

The various efforts, however, show the lack of a central international system to check on vaccinations, either electronically or with paper documents. There are also questions about privacy and vaccine inequality.

But many countries want them. The

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How to work remote during vacation? Here’s the tech you should bring.

Have you been a fan of working from home over the past year?

You’re not alone.

Only 10% of employees want to return to the office post-pandemic, according to a Hibob survey, a people management platform.

Employers seem to like this flexible work environment, too. A recent PwC report found 83% of companies said the shift to remote work has been positive.

Naturally, there are exceptions on both sides – not to mention several jobs cannot be performed from home – but those who can (and enjoy it) can rely on technology to remain productive while away from a

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Enhance presentations in the classroom or at work with incredible savings on this software

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Sometimes, the biggest obstacle blocking a great idea from flourishing is an inability to effectively explain that vision. When working to climb the career ladder as a versatile employee or attempting to impress in the classroom, clear and detailed messaging is crucial.

Master your approach in that department by consistently developing impactful and insightful displays with Slidebean Presentation Software. A lifetime subscription to this comprehensive presentation package typically costs $480 but, for a limited time, a 93% discount drops that price to only $29.99.

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SEO Strategies That Work

A lot of people make the mistake of relying on their page content to attract visitors to their websites, but this is one big mistake. The content on your site is not the only factor that will determine your SEO ranking, but it certainly is a major determinant. There are two main ways you can improve the chances of your page content being picked by the search engines when someone searches for a given word or phrase. The first way is to focus on keywords that are relevant to your business and the products and services you offer. The second

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