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Maya Wiley Crossed Wires on Failure to Bring WiFi to All New Yorkers

When Maya Wiley went to work as Mayor Bill de Blasio’s legal counsel shortly after he took office in 2014, he asked her to figure out how to bridge the digital divide by bringing broadband to low-income neighborhoods.

“I thought, ‘Oh, s—t!’ I said we needed it. I didn’t know how to get it,” Wiley recalled on the Technopolis podcast posted in June 2019.

The civil rights attorney had captured de Blasio’s attention after she wrote a piece in The Nation urging him to “build more community broadband” in an effort to forge “stronger, fairer and more resilient communities.”


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Why isn’t my computer connecting to the internet over Wi-Fi?

Q: My desktop, which has Windows 10, intermittently doesn’t connect, via Wi-Fi, to the internet. We have a new CenturyLink router. I’m usually able to force the connection through the Network Settings. I’ve tried rebooting and sometimes that works. Recently, though, it doesn’t connect at all, no matter how many times I reboot or try to connect via the network settings. I keep clicking the Connect Automatically box, but that doesn’t work. Your most recent column in The Seattle Times mentions updating the drivers but I don’t see anything in the device manager. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Rosenberg Library set to offer Wi-Fi to go | Local News

Starting Monday, Rosenberg Library will offer its adult cardholders an opportunity to check out mobile internet hotspots.

The hotspots, which can be checked out a week at a time, are free to use and can be used wherever T-Mobile has 4G data coverage available, said Mike Miller, executive director of the library.

“While many of us take internet access for granted, there are still many who don’t have easy access to the internet,” Miller said. “Our Mobile Hotspot Lending Service is a step in bridging the digital divide. And one thing the pandemic showed us, there is a big divide

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5 Baltimore schools and community orgs are getting free Wi-Fi and hotspots from Connected Nation

Three schools and two nonprofit organizations in Baltimore will receive 800 free mobile hotspots as well as free internet connectivity from Connected Nation and AT&T.

Connected Nation is a nonprofit founded in 2001 in Appalachia dedicated to getting online connectivity to communities. It is working with AT&T on a wider connected learning effort. In Baltimore, where the digital divide can leave as many as 40% of Baltimore households without internet service, organizations like Connected Nation are needed to fill the gap.

The schools and organizations locally that are receiving internet connectivity include:

“Getting devices in the hands of students

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San Diego expanding free WiFi

SAN DIEGO — In an attempt to reduce the digital divide that has left 53,000 San Diego households with no internet access, Mayor Todd Gloria Tuesday launched an expansion of the “SD Access 4 All” program with free Wi-Fi at more than 300 new locations.

Through the program, the city also purchased hundreds of new laptop computers that patrons can check out from select libraries and added 900 mobile hotspots that allow users to connect their laptop, tablet or other web-enabled devices to the internet.

“This major expansion of free Wi-Fi across our city is about equity and ensuring every

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Thousands of Michigan students will get free WiFi hotspots and internet for remote learning

KENT COUNTY, MI – Kevin Polston has seen firsthand the digital divide in K-12 education that was exposed by the coronavirus pandemic in Michigan and across the country.

As superintendent of Godfrey-Lee Public Schools – a district where 95% of students come from economically disadvantaged families, and 6% of families are homeless – Polston knows access to reliable internet is not a guarantee for all Michigan students, particularly in urban and rural communities.

With most Michigan schools still conducting some form of remote learning due to COVID-19, the internet has become an essential component of getting a quality education, Polston

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