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After being forced to pen and paper, Powell Valley Healthcare back online

A computer problem forced Powell Valley Healthcare to unexpectedly go retro last month, requiring the organization to keep records on pen and paper for nearly three weeks. 

On April 1, the healthcare organization’s network went down. It was a brief moment, but during that time, PVHC’s virtual servers lost connectivity to their data storage. Afterwards, Powell Valley Healthcare officials were unable to get their financial software to come back up, because a database file had been corrupted by the anomaly and became inaccessible.

No private information was ever at risk or compromised in any way, said CEO Terry Odom, and

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Nike’s New Silicon Valley CEO Has Big Plans. Can Nike Follow Through?

  • Under new CEO John Donahoe, Nike is transforming into a tech-first direct-to-consumer brand. 
  • The journey has been paved with executive exits, layoffs, and soaring digital sales.
  • Some former employees are doubtful Nike can make the change or is playing to its strengths.
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In January 2020, just days before the coronavirus pandemic would engulf the world, John Donahoe took the helm at Nike.

The former eBay and ServiceNow CEO had a bold mission to transform Nike from a marketing-first company into a technology juggernaut. Instead of selling shoes primarily in stores, Nike

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How reopening Texas could affect Brazos Valley county jails

BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas — The Texas Department of Criminal Justice recently announced that in-person visits to prisons will be allowed once again, as the state continues to reopen.

But, does the same change apply to county jails?

The answer is: not just yet, but maybe in the future.

County jails are run under the authority of the Texas Commission on Jail Standards, which is separate from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice [TDCJ].

“Jails are just so different in different communities,” said Brazos County jail administrator Kevin Stuart. “So they’ve asked that the jail submit a plan to their health

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