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Top 15 Tools and Resources for Designers and Agencies

ResourcesEditorial • • 7 minutes READ

You are planning on creating a new business from scratch. Or you want to further develop an existing business or project. Then selecting the right web tools and services to use can be just what you need to gain a competitive edge.

We have for a long time believed that the best design tools and services you will choose are the best foundation for creating and maintaining an online presence. We continue to do so. It’s worked for us, it’s worked for millions of others, and it can and

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Best Web Design Tools for Freelancers

When working as a freelancer, you have to be your own time and financial manager, which is never easy. Due to the nature of web designing, you can easily burn out if you are not careful. Luckily, there are now plenty of freelance tools to help manage almost every aspect of a project.

Here are some of the best tools for web designers on the market today.

All-in-One Design Bundle

Imagine getting a bundle with all the things you need to design website content. Fonts that are usually a menace sometimes and templates for social media are also not that

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Fight Digital Authoritarianism by Giving People the Tools to Counter It

The Defense Department has an opportunity to create fresh challenges for adversarial regimes such as Russia, China, and Iran, not by engaging or even preparing for armed conflict, but by investing in critical new technologies to enable global digital freedom. 

Digital authoritarianism is the use of digital information technology by authoritarian regimes to surveil, repress, and manipulate domestic and foreign populations. Such tools track and censor internet activities, but they can also be used to restrict physical interactions—think of facial recognition and other technologies used to crack down on protests. Most broadly, technologies such as China’s social credit system can

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Best ecommerce tools: free and paid services and software for SMBs and startups

With the rise of online shopping, it would be almost impossible for a business to thrive without some form of ecommerce solution. By creating an online store, you can access a broader base of customers who may never have encountered your products if you were selling to a local community from a single retail outlet.

As well as building online stores, the best ecommerce tools can help you take payments online through point-of-sale (POS) technology, manage your inventory, and answer customer queries. From a financial point of view, shifting some of your business to an ecommerce platform can also help

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Mobile Apps and digital tools are key driving loyalty for convenience stores and restaurants, survey says – Mobile

Shoppers want to use mobile for more kinds of retail

The majority of consumers have increased their use of mobile and online ordering for food and convenience items over the past year, with younger shoppers more likely to visit restaurants and convenience stores that have digital offerings.


A study by digital consultancy Mobiquity finds that the majority of consumers surveyed reported an increase in mobile and online ordering as well as the use of curbside services in the past year. This is especially true among digital native generations, with younger customers nearly three times as likely to use mobile apps

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12 Email Marketing Tips and Tools for Shopify

Email DesignPayman Taei • • 11 minutes READ

With roughly 320 billion emails sent and received every day in 2021, we understand that email marketing is still very much alive and relevant.

In fact, all kinds of businesses, from small Shopify businesses to enterprises, can use the power of email marketing to raise awareness of their products and services.

Given that email marketing is one of the best marketing channels out there, we’ve created a list of the most prominent email marketing tools to help Shopify business owners make the most of it.

Additionally, in

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