“The fact that we’re surrounded by a global layer that’s there at all times,” Mr. Tehranian said, referring to the Ethereum blockchain, “where there’s no central party that determines whether or not something is available or not?” That, he said, is the antidote to the digital world we already live in — one that he describes as akin to a metaverse but “with dictators” (Apple, Google, Facebook).

His metaverse hews to a particular definition of freedom. “The thing I really care about is that you as an individual own objects,” he said. “Property ownership is a tool. It works. It

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Technology alone, even if it’s cool and backed by billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, isn’t sufficient to bring online the roughly 3.5 billion people worldwide who aren’t using the internet.

That’s why I appreciate a holistic approach taken by Facebook that smartly considers the complexity of the challenge.

The company’s initiative started a few years ago with the simple but profound premise that everyone — governments, citizens and companies including Facebook and businesses that sell internet service and equipment

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All the websites want to become popular overnight but that is not possible, many factors affect the ranking of the Website. Search engine optimization is something which many of them who have the cash go for this option, Buy Backlinks, the content of the website should be good, visually the website must look very stunning, and there are many more factors which decide if the website will be hit or not. Here we would try to explore the importance of backlinks for SEO.

What is a Backlink?

When one of the websites is linked to other websites which

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Using a combination of tweaked algorithms, improved control systems and a new quantum service called Qiskit Runtime, IBM researchers have managed to resolve a quantum problem 120 times faster than the previous time they gave it a go. 

Back in 2017, Big Blue announced that, equipped with a seven-qubit quantum processor, its researchers had successfully simulated the behavior of a small molecule called lithium hydride (LiH). At the time, the operation took 45 days. Now, four years later, the IBM Quantum team has announced that the same problem was solved in only nine hours

The simulation was run entirely

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Ten years back, Nepal was not what it is now. Things have changed a lot since then, from the mindset of the people to the lifestyle they pursue.

The memory of stealing the mobile phone from my father’s pocket to play a game called ‘Snake Xenzia’ is still fresh, as if it happened just yesterday. I was 10 or even less when the phone was first introduced in our home. I was taken aback by the way it functioned. It felt nothing less than a miracle at that time when my voice reached the person living in

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Elsa Vossler, an eighth grader at Skinner Middle School, won first place at Denver Metro Science and Engineering Fair, and some of her classmates also placed.

DENVER — With so many people working from home over the last year, many have spent more time staring at computer screens. That’s especially true for students who are remote learning. Even as students begin to return to in person learning, the computer screens don’t go away. 

Elsa Vossler, an eighth grader at Skinner Middle School who is still mostly doing remote learning, studied the blinking rate on a projected light source (a computer

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