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Marketing Automation Technology for Revenue & Growth

A company’s overall goal is growth. Thankfully, the advent of automation technologies has made businesses more efficient—and measurable growth highly obtainable.

However, it is up to marketers to drive that revenue and business growth with technology and automation. More and more companies have come to understand that over the years, and they have integrated marketing automation into their strategy.

The primary reason businesses miss out on driving revenue via marketing automation is that they don’t realize its endless possibilities. Businesses that do, achieve a 77% increase in conversions thanks to lead nurturing through marketing automation, according to Invespcro. And 91%

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Marketing Technology and Strategy for the Broadband Industry

According to a report from chiefmartec.com, there are now over 8K marketing technology (martech) solutions available to help marketers be more effective and efficient. Those solutions range from typical CRM applications, to email marketing platforms, to video and content marketing solutions, to dashboards and data visualization.

Indeed, the growth in technology tools to help marketers better reach and engage prospects and customers is mind boggling, and according to chiefmartec.com, is up over 5000% percent since 2011. Some of these tools do amazing things and give marketers unbelievable visibility into the

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The Netherlands invests 615 million euros in Quantum Delta NL, bringing quantum technology to the next level in Europe

Because of its strategic and economic importance, quantum technology is central to the European ambition for digital sovereignty. Quantum computers, networks and sensors are the future foundation for High Performance Computing (HPC), Cloud, Hyperscalers and the Dutch Digital Infrastructure. The exponential growth of computing power is expected to have a major impact on the development of medicines and materials, the prediction of complex models and inherently secure data exchange. Quantum sensing enables high resolution biomedical sensing, earth monitoring, navigation without satellites, robust and fast telecommunication networks and many more applications. 


Within Europe, The Netherlands is currently a front

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Self-Storage Technology Provider OpenTech Agrees to Acquire Adigma

OpenTech Alliance Inc., a Phoenix-based provider of self-storage kiosks, call-center services and other technology, has agreed to acquire Adigma LLC, a digital-marketing and technology company. Based in Lehi, Utah, Adigma specializes in using data to understand consumer behavior and curate marketing content. The transaction is expected to close within 45 days, according to a press release.

Adigma offers a full range of services including account-based and multi-location marketing, ad delivery, content marketing, direct-response and creative services, email marketing, search engine optimization, and web analytics, the release stated.

“The Adigma team has intimate knowledge of the self-storage industry and extensive marketing

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Growthland, the new proposal from NTT Disruption to accelerate marketing disruption combining technology and creativity

“Growthland will be launched to the market to help brands and agencies grow from a sustainable point of view, accelerating their digital transformation”, says Fernando Lázaro, CMO at NTT Disruption & Head of Growthland. “We are providing Disruptive Marketing as a service model, based on co-creation, co-validation and co-acceleration with clients and partners to deliver disruptive marketing solutions” he adds.

Smart Scalable Content (SSC) offers a new way of working that brings together data, technology, and creative talent to deliver quality digital content in a faster, better and cost-effective way. Through a semiautomated end-to-end process, the platform suggests insights, gathered

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Technology Ventures Launches New Intellectual Property Agreement for Entrepreneurial Teams

Technology Ventures at the U of A has launched a new intellectual property option agreement specifically designed for use with U of A community member entrepreneurial teams. This option agreement allows pre-incorporation entrepreneurial teams of individuals to secure limited rights for a limited period of time to do a commercial evaluation, derisk the market though customer discovery and/or further develop university-owned intellectual property.

Through its own customer discovery, Technology Ventures has uncovered that it is sometimes challenging for an entrepreneurial team to invest the time, effort and knowledge capital into an early-stage innovation with the possibility that the U of

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