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Gubernatorial candidate rolls out healthcare plan during Charlottesville stop

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) – Terry McAuliffe says he plans to expand access to healthcare and combat rising prescription drug costs. The Democrat made the announcements during a stop in Charlottesville Monday, March 8.

McAuliffe, who is running to reclaim the governor’s office, says expanding access to healthcare starts by lowering premiums.

“We need to seek the 1332 waiver for our reinsurance program that we need here in Virginia,” he said.

If elected, McAuliffe says he’ll create a Medicaid buy-in program that will be available on a state-based exchange. He says this will help people who may not qualify for Medicaid

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Google to Stop Selling Ads Based on Your Specific Web Browsing

Google plans to stop selling ads based on individuals’ browsing across multiple websites, a change that could hasten upheaval in the digital advertising industry.

The Alphabet Inc. company said Wednesday that it plans next year to stop using or investing in tracking technologies that uniquely identify web users as they move from site to site across the internet.

The decision, coming from the world’s biggest digital advertising company, could help push the industry away from the use of such individualized tracking, which has come under increasing criticism from privacy advocates and faces scrutiny from regulators.

Google’s heft means the change

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All new UK cars could have special gadget fitted to stop you from speeding next year

ALL new UK cars could be fitted with a special gadget to stop you speeding from next year.

The Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) technology will alert drivers when they are going too fast and can intervene if people continue to drive above the limit.


All new cars could be fitted with speed limiting technology in 2022Credit: Alamy

It will use traffic-sign recognition cameras and GPS data to determine the speed limit on a road.

It will then automatically limit the engine power and a vehicle’s speed if the driver does not slow down themselves.

The new rules were

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