Democratic mapmakers in Springfield have crafted new legislative districts that are so laughably offensive to the Illinois Constitution that the state Supreme Court would either have to reject them outright or confirm the court’s unsavory reputation for partisan political corruptness.

Illinois Republican leaders have challenged the remap in federal court, on the grounds that the Democrats used loosey-goosey population survey figures instead of the actual U.S. Census headcount. I think Republicans have even stronger grounds in state court, but GOP leaders probably fear that the four Democrats on the seven-member court will, per usual, find a way to protect their

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The wave of spontaneous protests that rocked Cuba on Sunday was propelled by social media and the proliferation of mobile internet, which Cubans have only had for the past three years. The government responded by leaving the island virtually incommunicado for two days.

To contain the spread of mass demonstrations, authorities cut internet service, along with the fixed phone lines of some activists in the island. The shutdown made it hard for Cubans to organize or to get news of the demonstrations out to the rest of the country.

“We were totally disconnected,” said Alexey Seijo, an evangelical pastor in

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NEW YORK, July 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Global independent marketing and communications agency FINN Partners announced today that it has acquired Agency Ten22, a leading Atlanta-based communications and marketing firm. Agency Ten22 serves health information (health IT) and health tech clients throughout the U.S. and is recognized by leading health information and technology (IT) trade groups as being among the nation’s top consultancies.

Beth Friedman, founder and CEO of Agency Ten22, will join FINN as a senior partner and become part of the agency’s Global Health leadership team, chaired by Gil Bashe. Agency Ten22 will become

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A screenshot shows how the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services’ website remains offline a month after hackers first targeted the agency’s networks.

For weeks this spring, hackers forced officials to shut down Alaska’s Courtview system, making state court records inaccessible to attorneys, people charged with crimes, and residents seeking to run background checks on their prospective dates or tenants.

Then, cyberattackers targeted the state health department, whose website has remained offline since the hackers were first discovered in mid-May.

State officials have revealed few specifics about the attacks — particularly about the one that targeted the health department.

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LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va., June 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Washington Football Team announced a multi-year partnership agreement with Vistaprint today, designating the small business marketing and design leader as Official Design Partner of the Washington Football Team. Vistaprint will help power the Washington rebrand journey, which will be captured on, a dedicated website documenting the entire process. The Team will also leverage Vistaprint’s marketing, branding and design expertise to engage Washington Football Team fans throughout the final phases of its historic organizational rebrand.

“This is an incredibly exciting milestone for one of the NFL’s most iconic teams.

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