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Go read this feature on how India’s digital revolution started with missed calls

Leaving a missed call on someone’s phone usually signals that you should call them back — but at one point in India, it was communication in its own right. A new feature by Atul Bhattarai in Rest of World examines the Indian culture that grew up around missed calls — and the startups that took advantage of it.

In basic terms, a “missed call” means dialing a person but hanging up before they can answer. Hanging up without talking let users send a basic message (“I called”) without getting charged for minutes or SMS messages — like paging someone without

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Getting Started with Bootstrap 5 Helpers

BootstrapSam Norton • • 9 minutes READ

Bootstrap is one of the most popular frameworks for building websites and applications. It enables you as a developer to use the same layout configuration across your design, with predefined classes and themes provided by the framework. With bootstrap, you can speed up your development while maintaining the coherence of the elements used.

Bootstrap includes a number of helper classes for a certain purpose. Helpers are bootstrap classes that make certain customization as quickly as possible. These classes are built to offer a single purpose and reduce CSS

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Get started on a UI/UX design career with this training package

Want to reprint a famous author’s writing on your website? You could get sued. Dropped a clip from a TV show or movie into your YouTube video? You could get sued. Have almost any identifiable song playing in the background of your Facebook video? Heck, you probably won’t get sued… but that’s only because Facebook will automatically take the whole video down within minutes of your posting.

And If you’re an app or software designer, there are even design patterns you can’t use because Netflix or Google beat you to it, and they have the patents to prove it. If

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