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How to Find Your Lost Android Smartphone and Erase Data Remotely

There have been many instances when we lose our phones, sometimes just in our homes when we can’t remember where we last kept them, and unfortunately sometimes they get stolen or misplaced while we are out. In the former instance, it is easy to find our Android phones using the Find My Phone feature on our paired smartwatch, or just asking someone else to ring it. But if it is lost outside of our homes, then we need a bit of extra help. Fortunately, there is an easy way to remotely find and locate your Android phone, lock it, and

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Lg Wing Review | Lg Wing Smartphone Review

To review a phone as radically different as the LG Wing takes time. Time to savor the experience and judge whether it works for me. Over the span of the past two months, I deliberately took the time to figure out whether LG’s pivot to making different and for the lack of a better term, weirdly wonderful phones simply to stand out from the competition was a smart move.

Except, it’s now time to write an epitaph for LG’s smartphone business. LG Mobile, the Korean tech giant’s mobile device business has announced today that it is shuttering the business and

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How to Connect Mi Smart Band With a Smartphone: Follow These Steps

Mi Smart Band will help you see all your fitness details on your smartphone, when paired and connected properly. Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Band offers compatibility for both Android and iOS devices. Newer Mi Smart Band versions —Mi Smart Band 4, Mi Smart Band 5, and Mi Smart Band 6 — also feature an AMOLED touchscreen for easy access to your health and fitness results. All you need is to keep wearing the Mi Smart Band on your wrist and enable Bluetooth on your phone to keep receiving real-time data. Once paired with your phone, Mi Smart Band also lets you

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It’s official – LG Electronics is quitting the smartphone industry for good

Last week, we reported that LG Electronics would quit the smartphone industry and it is now official. As posted in the company’s newsroom, their mobile business unit will shut down and the decision was approved by its board of directors just earlier today.

With the exit, the company stated that this will allow them to put more focus and allocate the resources to other areas. This includes electric vehicle components, connected devices, smart homes, robotics, artificial intelligence and business-to-business solutions, as well as platforms and services. They will continue to develop mobile technologies such as 6G as well as applying

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No computer? No smartphone? Come to this clinic for help signing up for a COVID vaccine

Many of the older residents most at risk for COVID-19 don’t have the technology to sign up for vaccines offered by the area’s two major health networks.

That’s why a helping clinic was set up at the Boys and Girls Club of Easton.

The clinic will help folks who don’t have access to a computer or a smartphone, or those who just aren’t comfortable using either device.

The 73-year-old friend of one of the clinic organizers couldn’t figure out how to upload her Medicare card, for example.

“That was going to keep her from getting her vaccine appointment,” said

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