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How to Connect Mi Smart Band With a Smartphone: Follow These Steps

Mi Smart Band will help you see all your fitness details on your smartphone, when paired and connected properly. Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Band offers compatibility for both Android and iOS devices. Newer Mi Smart Band versions —Mi Smart Band 4, Mi Smart Band 5, and Mi Smart Band 6 — also feature an AMOLED touchscreen for easy access to your health and fitness results. All you need is to keep wearing the Mi Smart Band on your wrist and enable Bluetooth on your phone to keep receiving real-time data. Once paired with your phone, Mi Smart Band also lets you

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Up to 40% off on Mobile Phones, Smart TVs and other Electronics

Amazon has been consistently amazing its customers with generous and off-the-charts offers and discounts for various occasions. The latest offer in the pipeline is the Amazon Ugadi sale that avails attractive discounts on electronic gadgets. Since Ugadi is considered a New Year in India, people usually use this occasion to create new amends and buy new apparels and appliances for themselves and others. Customers have the chance to get up to 40% off on a range of different products. Here is a list of products making it to the Amazon Gudi Padwa sale.

Amazon Ugadi Sale Offers

Smart TVs and

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TSB Smart Agent integrated into mobile banking app

TSB has completed the integration of a smart digital agent into its mobile banking platform following its success in relieving pressure on call centres during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In May last year, as the early effects of the Covid-19 pandemic were being felt, TSB introduced the smart agent to its internet banking service to support customers as branches were closed and contact centres were overloaded.

The TSB Smart Agent, as it is known, took just five days to build. It has since had about a million conversations with customers, with only 20% having to be forwarded to a human for

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1 Reason Smart Investors Are Watching OneConnect Financial Technology

Digital banking is gaining traction throughout the world, and especially in emerging Asia. Across the globe, it’s estimated to be an $8 trillion market that will grow 6% a year for the foreseeable future, according to research firm Global Market Insights. This evolution in banking is one reason smart investors are watching the relatively new (and relatively unknown) Chinese company OneConnect Financial Technology (NYSE:OCFT).

A huge growth market …

OneConnect is a fintech that provides technology-as-a-service platforms for financial institutions, primarily in China. Its solutions help customers in areas like revenue generation, risk management, and sales productivity. The company

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JOMOO gears 5G smart factory for upgraded China-made intelligence and quality

The observing group, headed by Chinese famous business writer Wu Xiaobo, visited the 5G digital industrial center, intelligent glaze workshop, and intelligent molding workshop, among other key areas of JOMOO smart industrial park where the final products such as smart toilets were produced in a digitalized manner.

JOMOO boasts a world leading kitchen and bathroom smart factory where intelligent production line has overthrown traditional ceramic manufacturing mode thus injecting new momentum into traditional sectors, according to Wu, who is known for extensive research in enterprise history and company development cases, now active in voicing out as a “product recommender” to

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How I Knew GameStop Would Collapse | Smart Change: Personal Finance

Why I wasn’t sure when it would happen

While the mechanics of the options situation should have been perfectly clear to any savvy investors who were paying attention, there was still plenty of mania surrounding the company last weekend. The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal had both recently run pieces on the phenomenon, and it was all over the television and internet news.

It was unclear how many additional people were going to be sucked into the GameStop vortex by those news pieces that trumpeted how ordinary investors were taking down hedge funds. Despite the very real

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