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DeWine visits Middletown to sign affordable internet access bill

Middletown is one of the few school systems in southwest Ohio at which 100 percent of school families fall within household income categories to qualify for federal free and reduced school meals.

About 20 percent of Middletown’s 6,300 students come from homes without access either via internet cable or wireless systems to digital learning programs produced by their teachers in the district. Many students also lack computers, or other mobile devices on which to learn digitally, said district officials.

Every student at Amanda receives free and reduced lunch because of their financial situation, said Principal Beth Hendricks.

“Finally there is

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T-Mobile 5G Home Internet: Five things to consider before you sign up

After a long early life in a pilot program, T-Mobile’s 5G home internet service has finally arrived. The bar for decent, reasonably priced internet service in the US is embarrassingly low, so T-Mobile’s terms might sound like a dream: $60 per month, no contract, no installation appointment, no equipment rental fees, and no data caps. It’s a service that’s very much in its early days, and reviews so far note some inconsistencies in performance among other quirks.

Even taking all this into consideration, it may still sound well worth the potential risks if you’re shelling out close to twice that

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Milwaukee launches website, phone number to sign up for COVID-19 vaccination appointment

Those eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine can schedule an appointment with the City of Milwaukee online or via phone starting Wednesday.

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