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Winchester Public Schools Combine Coding and Active Play with Unruly Splats

WINCHESTER, Va., June 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Unruly Studios today announced a partnership with Winchester Public Schools to integrate computer science and active play throughout the school day. Teachers at John Kerr Elementary and Garland Quarles Elementary have started to use Unruly Splats, programmable floor buttons that students can code to light up, make sounds, and collect points to play games like relay races, four corners, or any game of their own making.

“We know that kids learn best when they’re given time for play, which is

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K-12 schools may see new computer science mandate

** By 2024-25, students in grades K-8 must have the option to enroll in an age-appropriate general education course that incorporates computer science principles, offered by their school.

By the end of June, a conference committee of House and Senate members will reconcile hundreds of differences in the two budget bills (including this one), but where they’ll land is unclear.

ExploreSoftware engineer latest appointee to Bellbrook school board

“Computer science … is probably going to be part of what Ohio students will be required to complete in the future,” said Will Schwartz, for the Ohio School Boards Association. “It’s

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Computer science to count toward graduation in Kansas high schools

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — High school and computers: They’re two things going together more than ever after a year of virtual learning.

In Kansas, computer science will soon have more weight. On Wednesday, the state Board of Education voted to add the subject option for students searching for credits to meet graduation requirements.

Simply put, there are standard math and science classes that meet graduation requirements. Those classes include algebra, chemistry and physics, among others.

But starting with next year’s freshmen, school districts will have the choice to elevate computer science classes, allowing those classes to fill those graduation requirements.

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5 Baltimore schools and community orgs are getting free Wi-Fi and hotspots from Connected Nation

Three schools and two nonprofit organizations in Baltimore will receive 800 free mobile hotspots as well as free internet connectivity from Connected Nation and AT&T.

Connected Nation is a nonprofit founded in 2001 in Appalachia dedicated to getting online connectivity to communities. It is working with AT&T on a wider connected learning effort. In Baltimore, where the digital divide can leave as many as 40% of Baltimore households without internet service, organizations like Connected Nation are needed to fill the gap.

The schools and organizations locally that are receiving internet connectivity include:

“Getting devices in the hands of students

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A-Plan in Taunton launches IT for Schools campaign

AN insurance company in Taunton is expanding their campaign to help fund computer equipment in schools.

A-Plan insurance launched an IT for Schools campaign to help raise money for Parent Teacher Associations (PTA’s) at local schools.

Due to the pandemic, many schools PTA’s have been unable to host events such as fetes and cake sales. And so children may be missing out on computer-based education activities that would normally be available via a school PTA.

And so A-Plan decided to support the PTA’s with their IT campaign.

At the start of April, they made the decision to donate £50 to

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School’s out: Pakistani pupils struggle with lack of internet | Global development

Iqbal Khan works as a chauffeur in Lahore. His children are in his home village in a rural area north of Peshawar. Both of these very different areas of Pakistan have the same problem for many of their young people: no means of getting access to an education.

Online learning was not an option for Khan’s children as the pandemic locked down schools across cities and countryside. Even as he worked to pay the school fees, his two sons, aged 16 and 13, were unable to access any lessons as their schools went digital.

“My children got lazy sitting

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