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Go read this feature on how India’s digital revolution started with missed calls

Leaving a missed call on someone’s phone usually signals that you should call them back — but at one point in India, it was communication in its own right. A new feature by Atul Bhattarai in Rest of World examines the Indian culture that grew up around missed calls — and the startups that took advantage of it.

In basic terms, a “missed call” means dialing a person but hanging up before they can answer. Hanging up without talking let users send a basic message (“I called”) without getting charged for minutes or SMS messages — like paging someone without

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Digital Comics: The New Internet Revolution?

Associate professor in Communications and Media at the University of Wollongong, Australia, Brian Yecies joined a discussion with UCI Libraries about the growing webcomic industry on March 9. Digital comics, also known as webtoons, originated in South Korea and are now available around the world for people to read. This event was intended to showcase a new addition to UCI Libraries, where webtoons will now be available to students, local residents and staff to enjoy.

Yecies began by discussing his 2018 to 2021 Australian Research Council Discovery Project which focuses on “mobile webtoons and creative innovation in the digital economy.”

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The promises and perils of Africa’s digital revolution

A Zipline drone used to deliver medical supplies takes off in Ghana on April 22, 2019. Gavi/2019/Tony Noel via REUTERS

Across the African continent, the relentless spread of networks, sensors, artificial intelligence, and automation is driving a revolution to an unknown destination. Emerging technologies such as CCTV cameras with facial recognition systems, drones, robots, and “smart cities” are proliferating. Digitization is improving government revenue collection and curbing corruption. Cameras and facial recognition technologies are helping authorities respond to terrorist attacks. Drones are delivering life-saving medical supplies. Yet with each advance there is a cost. Sophisticated malware enables novel forms of

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Beyond the Super Bowl: The Ad Revolution – OZY

Sunday, February 07, 2021

Today is the day when the multibillion-dollar battle for consumers’ hearts, minds and disposable income hits its apex: Super Bowl Sunday. But this celebration of advertisements that cost $5.5 million for 30 seconds — and will be dissected nearly as much as the game — comes at a time when the industry is at a crossroads. More people are getting products and services they like served up to them in more sophisticated (and at times surreptitious) ways than ever before. That means the old models are crumbling. This Sunday Magazine dives into what’s next for

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