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Qualcomm unveils 7 new Internet of Things chips to power smart grocery carts, remote work tech

Qualcomm has been working for years to get its mobile technology into other products besides smartphones — think drones, laptops and smart security cameras.

Those efforts to connect the unconnected — generally called the Internet of Things — have recently started to deliver consequential financial results for Qualcomm, with revenue topping $1 billion in each of the past two quarters.

To help keep the momentum going, San Diego’s largest publicly traded company rolled out a suite of seven new Internet of Things chips this week. They range from entry-level to premium tier semiconductors. Features include baked-in artificial intelligence and security,

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How to work remote during vacation? Here’s the tech you should bring.

Have you been a fan of working from home over the past year?

You’re not alone.

Only 10% of employees want to return to the office post-pandemic, according to a Hibob survey, a people management platform.

Employers seem to like this flexible work environment, too. A recent PwC report found 83% of companies said the shift to remote work has been positive.

Naturally, there are exceptions on both sides – not to mention several jobs cannot be performed from home – but those who can (and enjoy it) can rely on technology to remain productive while away from a

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Italy’s digital divide renders remote parts of the country without internet, bringing life to a standstill in lockdown-World News , Firstpost”

Nearly a quarter of Italians do not use the internet, and one third of households have no fixed connection, according to figures released last month by national statistics agency Istat.

For Italy, part of the challenge is to transform places like Colle di Tora, which are not so much cut off from the modern world, as a little behind. Alvise Armellini/ AFP

The last time a customer tried to pay by card in Anna Rita Pani’s grocery store in Colle di Tora, a small town outside Rome, things got a bit awkward.

“We had to wait 15 minutes for the

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Thousands of Michigan students will get free WiFi hotspots and internet for remote learning

KENT COUNTY, MI – Kevin Polston has seen firsthand the digital divide in K-12 education that was exposed by the coronavirus pandemic in Michigan and across the country.

As superintendent of Godfrey-Lee Public Schools – a district where 95% of students come from economically disadvantaged families, and 6% of families are homeless – Polston knows access to reliable internet is not a guarantee for all Michigan students, particularly in urban and rural communities.

With most Michigan schools still conducting some form of remote learning due to COVID-19, the internet has become an essential component of getting a quality education, Polston

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Millions of Students Got Free Home Internet for Remote Learning. How Long Will It Last?

After COVID-19 forced the nation’s schools online, thousands of districts scrambled to partner with internet service providers to cover the cost of broadband for low-income students. The result was a patchwork of temporary agreements that connected millions of families, often via innovative public-private partnerships.

Now, though, many of those deals face looming expiration dates—with no clear answers about whether long-term funding will be available.

“There is a very good chance we’re going to see some people getting cut off,” said Evan Marwell, the founder and CEO of EducationSuperHighway, a broadband advocacy group.

There’s mutual interest in solidifying many of

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