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Tech CMOs Shift Marketing Efforts to The Digital Relationship

The brightest minds in technology marketing have paved a progressive path for future social media marketing activities

Interviews with tech CMOs and Marketers at large brands reveal a shift in marketing focus

Following detailed interviews with CMOs from large technology brands, five trends surfaced that reveal a shift in focus from lead generation to building digital relationships. The 50+ page Technology CMO Outlook report unlocks deep insights and thinking from marketing leaders, to understand how they helped to not only navigate unprecedented challenges but unlock business value and opportunity from it too.

Copy House and immediate future collaborated to interview

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A meeting of the minds: The evolving CMO-CFO relationship

Over the past several years, with the growing digital channel options for consumers and the availability and affordability of big data and data analytics technologies, like it or not, marketing and finance are being irreversibly driven together.   

As healthcare and technology CFO John Reidy explains, in the past there was a mutual reluctance for CFOs and CMOs to talk to each other because they spoke different languages. 

“The accountants say, ‘These are the numbers,’ and if it didn’t show up in a quarter or a year, it was a wasted investment,” Reidy said. “Whereas the marketing folks would try to

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