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Put Unique Content Above The Fold

As an SEO best practice, the above the fold area of a webpage should have at least some content which is unique to that page.

This is recommended by Google’s John Mueller during the weekly SEO hangout recorded on June 4.

A site owner named Jameson Sansone asks Mueller a question related to repeating the same content in the above the fold area of multiple web pages.

To be specific, Sansone is restructuring his site’s blog and intends to use the same hero banner, the same heading, the same blurb of text, and the same set of links at the

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Elon Musk and Amazon Are Battling to Put Satellite Internet in Your Backyard

Cybersecurity specialist Luke McOmie lives entirely off-grid on the side of a mountain in Colorado, where there’s no cell service or landline broadband internet. Yet he recently gave a talk at a convention hosted in Japan on the lethality of drones. He was live via satellite—his own personal satellite internet connection, that is.

With a constellation of hundreds of satellites, and speeds comparable to U.S. broadband, the Starlink service lets Mr. McOmie do his job despite being in the middle of nowhere. He and his wife Melanie McOmie are living the sort of lifestyle that pandemic-weary, deskbound urbanites might envy: … Read More

Worker deaths put Big Tech in China under scrutiny

By Vivian Wang, The New York Times

It was 1:30 a.m. just days before the new year, and the 22-year-old employee of Pinduoduo, a Chinese e-commerce company, was leaving after a long day of work. Suddenly, she clutched her stomach and collapsed. Her co-workers rushed her to a hospital, but six hours later, she died.

Less than two weeks later, a young Pinduoduo worker leaped to his death during a brief visit to his parents. The next day, a third employee said he had been fired after criticizing Pinduoduo’s work culture.

The day after that, a delivery driver for

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