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Mueller Touches on Google Sandbox and Honeymoon Ranking Effects

Google’s John Mueller answered why new content sometimes pops into the search results ranking high then drops off. John explained what Google does with new content and how that explains the Sandbox and Honeymoon phenomenon that the SEO community has been talking about for decades.

The Google Sandbox

In the early 2000s some publishers noticed that new content sometimes took months or even longer before it started ranking. It seemed as if new content was not being trusted and not allowed to rank.

John Mueller on Why New Pages Rank then Taper Off

Matt Cutts asked for some URLs, investigated

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Google’s John Mueller Answers Rapid Fire SEO Questions

Google’s John Mueller answers a mixed bag of SEO questions in rapid fire style in the latest video on the Google Search Central channel.

This video is the latest installment in the Ask Googlebot (formerly “Ask Google Webmasters”) series where members of Google’s search advocacy team answer questions submitted by site owners.

Previous editions of Ask Googlebot have focused on answering one question per video. But not every SEO question needs a four minute video in order to give

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Google’s John Mueller Stresses Importance of E-A-T For YMYL Websites

Search Advocate John Mueller stresses that Google is most concerned with expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-A-T) when ranking content that deals with health & finance.

This topic is discussed at length during the Google Search Central SEO hangout recorded on March 26.

Ritu Nagarkoti, who does SEO for a medical ecommerce site, asks Mueller for advice on tactics that can be used to increase traffic and visibility.

Mueller says a medical ecommerce store likely falls into the category of a YMYL (your money your life) site, which Google holds to a higher standard than other types of sites.

Following SEO

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Google’s John Mueller Debunks Myth That Shorter Domains Are Better For SEO Ranking

What makes for a better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking on Google? Many eCommerce websites or businesses who advertise digitally have been working around on all the ways to rank better on Google’s search engine. One of these is to have a shorter domain name for websites. However, Google’s search advocate John Mueller comes out online to debunk the myth.

(Photo : Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash)

URL/Domain Length Not A Factor in Google SEO Ranking

As reported by SeRoundtable, John Mueller has expressed his sentiments on Twitter by saying that contrary to popular belief, having a short

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