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India’s Mobile Payments Rollout Hampered by Glitchy Tech

Photographer: Fayaz Kabli/Reuters

Even before the pandemic, Indian consumers were taking up mobile payment technologies with remarkable speed. There’s just one problem: The networks of India’s biggest banks have struggled to keep pace, crashing again and again.

The outages are exposing years of underinvestment in technology and a surprising lack of preparedness, analysts and executives say. The problems have been especially embarrassing for HDFC Bank Ltd., the country’s top bank by market value. It’s touted its online prowess, only to be blasted on Twitter by frustrated customers and banned by India’s

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Advertisers spent $240 billion on mobile ads last year

Digital advertising grew 8% last year, providing a lucrative market for brands, according to data by media research agency MAGNA

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With smartphone apps becoming a dynamic digital space, advertisers spent over $240 billion on mobile ads, according to app analytics firm App Annie.

The average time spent by users worldwide on smartphones was 4.2 hours a day in the first three months of 2021, up by 30% from the same period in 2019. India recorded the biggest surge as

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Sony wants to expand its PlayStation game franchises into mobile games

While Sony has a big presence in the console market with PlayStation, it has yet to capture the mobile space. But Sony clearly wants in on mobile gaming and has started to take steps towards that. In fact, the company has started to hire personnel for it.

As spotted by Eurogamer, Sony has posted a job ad for someone to be “Head of Mobile” at PlayStation Studios. One of the job’s responsibilities is to promote the development of mobile games and ensure their commercial success. Furthermore, he/she would have to lead the company’s expansion into “mobile & Live

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THX Onyx is a DAC gadget to upgrade your mobile audio experience

THX is of course a well-known name in the audio space but now they’re moving into the consumer electronics space. A new device called THX Onyx is something that you can attach to your smartphone, tablet, or computer so you can get a high-quality audio experience through its tiny Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) with the THX AAA amplifier tech. If you’re an audiophile that has been bemoaning the loss of audio quality for mobile devices, then this is a device that may interest you.

High-res audio on mobile devices is not that popular now and streaming sites compress most of the

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THX Onyx release: THX audio amplifier and hi-fi audio for mobile devices for ~RM827

Back in the day, the Hi-Fi experience required experience equipment. The barrier to entry is lower these days though, as audio technology continues to improve. You can even get high-end portable DACs now, such as the new THX Onyx.

Announced yesterday, the THX Onyx is THX Ltd’s first foray into consumer electronics. As mentioned, it’s a high-end DAC (digital-to-analogue converter) suitable for mobile devices. It comes with the THX Achromatic Audio Amplifier, which can provide enough power even audiophile-class wired headphones.


In terms of features, it has the Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) renderer that can deliver studio-quality audio. Another

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Verizon Mobile Security Index: COVID-19 unearths new cyber threats for businesses

What you need to know:

  • Nearly half (49 percent) of businesses surveyed said that changes to remote working practices made during lockdown adversely affected their cybersecurity.

  • 40 percent think mobile devices are their company’s biggest IT security threat.

  • However 45 percent of businesses sacrificed the security of mobile devices to “get the job done.”

  • Results based on an independent survey of 856 professionals responsible for the buying, managing and the security of mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) devices for their companies.

BASKING RIDGE, N.J. – The COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to quickly support remote working practices, often without proper

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