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In this day and age, many of us spend our lives swiping and scrolling through our socials. And, in addition to being a constant source of information and entertainment, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and other social media sites can also provide an endless stream of inspiration.

Read on to find out how social media can positively influence the web design choices of marketers, designers, brands and businesses.

Social Media as a Source of Inspiration

From photo-editing tools and filters to stickers and meme-generators, today, anyone armed with a smartphone can

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Social media may or may not have a direct impact on your website’s ranking on search engines. But the truth is that social media channels play an incredibly critical role in helping businesses get their content to a larger online audience. They can provide your business exposure like nothing else.

So, when SEO Services are used in tandem with social media, there can be significant results. These include higher engagement signals, a boost to backlinks, and better rankings, among other things.

Moreover, a deeper understanding of SEO strategies and efficient social media marketing can help companies perform better on

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On Friday last week, when Taliban forces took the key city of Herat, they distributed images and videos of militia leaders posing with Ismail Khan, a well-known local commander and Taliban opponent, showing him unrestrained and appearing at ease.

The message was clear, Mr. Sayed said: “If we can treat Ismail Khan, a top enemy, with such respect, there will not be danger for anyone.”

In Kabul, many Taliban-trained journalists have been busy on the streets, often holding a microphone with the logo of the group’s propaganda site. In one video posted to the Twitter account of the Taliban spokesman

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NEWTON, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Global technology media and purchase intent-driven marketing and sales services company TechTarget, Inc. (Nasdaq: TTGT) today announced the acquisition of Xtelligent Healthcare Media LLC, a leading online marketing services, media and data company that focuses on the intersection of healthcare and technology. It operates a portfolio of ten websites with independent editorial coverage and vendor content assets related to areas such as telehealth, healthcare analytics, revenue cycle management, healthcare IT security and infrastructure, and other areas of healthcare purchase decisions.

Xtelligent Media serves a largely untapped market segment for TechTarget and this acquisition represents a

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Alok Choudhary is Chief Scientist at Mediaocean, the mission-critical platform for omnichannel advertising.

Media has changed. Consumers not only have unprecedented choices but much higher expectations when consuming media. They demand privacy-compliant, seamless and tailored experiences across channels and devices. Publishers must reinvent ways to deliver relevant content, capture attention and make money in a fragmented media landscape — and marketers must navigate that landscape, reach their most valuable audiences with engaging content and prove the effectiveness of marketing on their bottom line.

Challenge No. 1: Staying Nimble

The customer journey is all-important. Marketers must be agile enough

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Jessica is the Founder & CEO of Valux Digital, a nationally recognized full-service marketing and PR firm. 

With more businesses opening up again after the trials and tribulations of the pandemic, content optimization has arguably never been more important. Online platforms are a crucial stop on the path to supercharging online engagement. Content is key.

In order to compete online, businesses should focus on content optimization. As brands, we should ensure that our content is written in such a way that it engages our target personas. Of course, to engage them, our content has to reach them in

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