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The Smart 5G City Means Permanent Surveillance and Risk

Cities around the world are getting smarter. A growing number even designated themselves “smart cities.” There are, of course, as many definitions of smart cities as there are cities professing to be smart. Very generally, smart cities deploy a host of information communication technologies—including high-speed communication networks, sensors, and mobile phone apps—to boost mobility and connectivity, supercharge the digital economy, increase energy efficiency, improve the delivery of services, and generally raise the level of their residents’ welfare. Becoming “smart” typically involves harnessing troves of data to optimize city functions—from more efficient use of utilities and other services to reducing

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Opinion: We have to close the digital divide. That means internet access for everyone

Full participation in 21st-century society requires everyone to have a reliable broadband connection to access work, healthcare, education and government resources. Many Americans, including millions who have lost their jobs during the pandemic, have yet to adopt broadband because they are simply unable to afford it.

Research shows that those who are most at risk of being on the wrong side of this divide are Black, Latinx, Indigenous or low-income. No family should have to decide between putting groceries on the table or getting their household connected. We must focus on the needs of our most marginalized communities
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