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How Long it Takes to Re-rank a Site with Fixed Quality Issues

Google’s John Mueller discussed how long it takes for Google to re-crawl and re-rank a site when significant changes to web page quality have been made.

In a Google SEO Office Hours hangout, someone asked John Mueller about unstable rankings in the Google search results pages (SERPs).

He related that the site in question was fluctuating from page one to page four then back to page one results to subsequently slipping back into the abyss of page four of Google’s search results again.

Mueller answered that maybe it was because there were quality issues that needed to be improved on

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Nokia inks AT&T C-band deal and sets out plan to surf the 5G long wave

Aiming to take advantage of a market in which it is one of only a few communications technology providers able to address the next-generation needs of Tier 1 suppliers among others, Nokia has set out a three-phased journey to deliver sustainable, profitable growth and technology leadership, and made bold predictions for revenue and profit over the next two years.

After some recent challenging financial periods, the company said it had formulated a clear and detailed plan to reset its business, with a new company purpose and new ways of working.

Overall, Nokia sees a number of major trends affecting the

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Millions of Students Got Free Home Internet for Remote Learning. How Long Will It Last?

After COVID-19 forced the nation’s schools online, thousands of districts scrambled to partner with internet service providers to cover the cost of broadband for low-income students. The result was a patchwork of temporary agreements that connected millions of families, often via innovative public-private partnerships.

Now, though, many of those deals face looming expiration dates—with no clear answers about whether long-term funding will be available.

“There is a very good chance we’re going to see some people getting cut off,” said Evan Marwell, the founder and CEO of EducationSuperHighway, a broadband advocacy group.

There’s mutual interest in solidifying many of

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