Imagine you’re having friends over for lunch and plan to order a pepperoni pizza. You recall Amy mentioning that Susie had stopped eating meat. You try calling Susie, but when she doesn’t pick up, you decide to play it safe and just order a margherita pizza instead.

People take for granted the ability to deal with situations like these on a regular basis. In reality, in accomplishing these feats, humans are relying on not one but a powerful set of universal abilities known as common sense.

As an artificial intelligence researcher, my work is part of a broad effort

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The four candidates share their plans for increasing student membership; expanding science, technology, engineering, and math education programs; and attracting more members from industry.

The annual
IEEE election process begins in August, so be sure to check your mailbox for your ballot. To help you choose the 2022 IEEE president-elect, The Institute is publishing the official biographies and position statements of the four candidates, as approved by the IEEE Board of Directors. The candidates are Life Fellow Thomas M. Coughlin, Life Senior Member Francis Grosz, Life Fellow Saifur Rahman, and Fellow S.K. Ramesh.

Thomas M.

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Perfect hexagonal structures inspired by honeycombs in bee nests are widely used to build everything from airplane wings, boats, and cars, to skis, snowboards, packaging and acoustic dampening materials.

Challenges arise when space constraints or repairs require engineers to keep a structure mechanically strong when linking together industrial honeycomb panels that each have cells of different sizes. High performance computers used with 3-D printers may solve this problem in the future, but could bees provide a more efficient and adaptable strategy?

A new study finds they can. It turns out that honey bees are skilled architects who plan ahead and

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the top skills that are needed by marketing professionals. It’s getting more challenging every day to understand the ins and outs of this art form. HubSpot offers an SEO certification that can increase your knowledge and enhance your career. In this article, we are going to tell you what you need to know to obtain the HubSpot SEO certification.

Why Become SEO Certified?

According to a report from HubSpot, approximately 64{32cab40226fb9659b52e7925d8240640c7cae90b58a254f5ffce23f5dca80369} of marketers actively invest time in SEO, with 63{32cab40226fb9659b52e7925d8240640c7cae90b58a254f5ffce23f5dca80369} of brands making the same investment. Given the

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It’s nearly impossible to run a successful business in 2021 without having a strong digital presence. In fact, self-storage marketing now requires extensive knowledge of social media networks, search engines and how to leverage online tools to entice prospects. Though advancements in marketing technology present near limitless possibilities, the troubling reality for owners and staff is they must first become adept at digital literacy to run successful campaigns.

To effectively market a self-storage operation in this digital-marketing landscape, you must understand the significance of search engine optimization (SEO) and the benefits it can bring you and your business. Here’s some

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Good SEO strategy can bring you more online engagement.

TL;DR: Increase your search engine ranking with the GuinRank SEO content optimization tool, on sale as of June 28. Get a two-year subscription for just $59.99 — a 91{32cab40226fb9659b52e7925d8240640c7cae90b58a254f5ffce23f5dca80369} discount.

You can waste time reading hundreds of articles on SEO (which changes constantly, BTW), spend thousands of dollars learning the basics at school, or you can get access to a toolkit that breaks it all down for you.

With the GuinRank SEO content optimization tool, you can create content that Google automatically wants to rank. By running it

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