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Why Do Search Rankings on Some Keywords Fluctuate So Much?

Today’s Ask an SEO question comes from Arjun in West Bengal. Arjun asks:

“Why do rankings of certain keywords fluctuate a lot? For example, a particular keyword ranks 8 in the morning, 10 in the afternoon, 15 in the evening, 9 late at night. The keyword is searched from one location and one IP address only.”

I’ve been soothing client’s fears when they type in a query and see that their site has fallen for 21 years now.

There are many reasons why a site’s

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How to Optimize a SaaS Homepage: Keywords, Linking & More

When it comes to SEO, the homepage tends to be the most problematic asset on a typical SaaS website.

For many early-stage SaaS brands, the website consists of the homepage and perhaps a handful of supporting pages that don’t offer much in the way of SEO value.

But even the more established SaaS companies — those with larger sites and many pages to drive their search visibility — struggle to make

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