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Editorial: Gatekeeping won’t solve the computer science department’s issues

To the concern of hundreds, if not thousands of prospective computer science majors, the UNC computer science department announced a new admissions process for the major last week, before rescinding the announcement less than 24 hours later. 

Following years of overcrowding in the department, this announcement seemed inevitable — and yet it was still surprising.

Prior to last week’s announcement, the department had resorted to several measures, including a new introductory sequence that split up some classes, and a new two-before-three policy that started in spring 2021.

The two-before-three system ensures that declared computer science majors are given the chance

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Why Tech Issues Feel More Stressful During COVID-19

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Technical difficulties can stress us out even at the best of times. However, ongoing computer problems during the COVID-19 pandemic can take a serious toll on your mental and emotional health. Milan 2099/Getty Images
  • Study finds that computer problems spike stress levels by a lot.
  • Bad technology causes ingrained deterioration in wellness and work performance with lasting consequences.
  • There are ways to destress from good and bad tech while working from home.

There’s nothing more frustrating than your computer not cooperating and having no one around to help you fix it.

Technical difficulties are a sure way

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How Long it Takes to Re-rank a Site with Fixed Quality Issues

Google’s John Mueller discussed how long it takes for Google to re-crawl and re-rank a site when significant changes to web page quality have been made.

In a Google SEO Office Hours hangout, someone asked John Mueller about unstable rankings in the Google search results pages (SERPs).

He related that the site in question was fluctuating from page one to page four then back to page one results to subsequently slipping back into the abyss of page four of Google’s search results again.

Mueller answered that maybe it was because there were quality issues that needed to be improved on

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Microsoft chiefs say big tech antitrust issues can be solved with laws, not lawsuits

Microsoft’s history with antitrust gives it an unusual perspective about tech policy these days.

James Martin/CNET

Microsoft built a monopoly on the back of its Windows software to power computers and the Internet Explorer web browser. A judge even pronounced that finding in 2001, after a three-year government investigation into the company. But after that, Microsoft effectively got a multimillion-dollar slap on the wrist, and continued being Microsoft.

Two decades later, the US government is ramping up an antitrust debate focused on Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. Though Microsoft isn’t a target this time around, the company says there are

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