The four candidates share their plans for increasing student membership; expanding science, technology, engineering, and math education programs; and attracting more members from industry.

The annual
IEEE election process begins in August, so be sure to check your mailbox for your ballot. To help you choose the 2022 IEEE president-elect, The Institute is publishing the official biographies and position statements of the four candidates, as approved by the IEEE Board of Directors. The candidates are Life Fellow Thomas M. Coughlin, Life Senior Member Francis Grosz, Life Fellow Saifur Rahman, and Fellow S.K. Ramesh.

Thomas M.

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Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison plan to meld computer modeling and social science in hopes of providing better responses to future pandemics. The goal is to be ready with quicker and more equitable strategies to distribute vaccines.

After the COVID-19 pandemic hit Wisconsin in February 2020, scientists, public health officials and lawmakers scrambled to catch up with the rapid spread of the virus. During the spring and summer, coronavirus testing kits were hard to come by due to supply chain issues and extreme demand. In the fall, Wisconsin hospitals quickly filled up with COVID-19 patients. And, once vaccines were

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In the modern world of business, one’s online presence is perhaps just as important as their physical one. Companies need to ensure that they are using the internet to market their business, if they wish to remain competitive. As a result of this, many up-and-coming businesses require the services of online marketing agencies to guide them on how to bolster their online presence. is one such online marketing firm that provides customers with a consistently high-quality SEO and web design service. 

Rank Simply uses state of the art solutions to offer clients a comprehensive set of SEO services. Their

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Today I have some great resources to help you improve your SEO analytics for better reach and ranking online.

Tracking your ad performance, content and website visibility in search is important in order to improve your brand presence. Using these tools will help you to climb to top of the list. Would you like to know exactly how to better execute your search engine marketing strategy? Take advantage of these analytics resources, and let me know how these work for you!

1) All-in-one toolbox – SEO Site Checkup

Perform a thorough audit of your website’s performance online. SEO Site

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Chances are your company makes use of both SEO and PPC to maximize its sales. While pay-per-click advertising doesn’t directly affect your ranking in the organic search results, it still has an indirect impact.

In this article, I’ll introduce those indirect effects and evaluate what they mean for your landing page experience. Then, I’ll share tips for improving that experience for your visitors—no matter how they landed on your page, be it through an ad or using the organic route.

Same landing page for SEO and PPC

SEO is all about relevant content that matches the visitor’s intent, whereas PPC

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A trust based Google ranking service launched by RMV Online Business Services (832-557-5922) offers website owners in Houston, TX, a tried and tested means to improve their search engine ran…

A trust based Google ranking service launched by RMV Online Business Services (832-557-5922) offers website owners in Houston, TX, a tried and tested means to improve their search engine ranking.

RMV Online Business Services LLC based in Houston, TX, has launched a Google trust-based SEO service to improve a brand or company’s digital footprint. The strategy is designed to promote brands and businesses higher up the Google search engine rankings.

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