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Social Signals Impact Rankings & 4 Other SEO Misconceptions

It’s 2021 and we can successfully launch a rocket into space, but we can’t stop the spread of misinformation on the internet.

Even in marketing, there are things we’ve heard (and maybe even repeated) that qualify as misinformation — nuggets we took as gold to guide our SEO strategies at the time because everyone thought the same thing.

Maybe it was once true.

Maybe it was never true.

Maybe it is true… but not in the way you think.

And despite the fact that SEO has become a more data-driven field than ever before, lots of silly beliefs still persist.

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Small-town design service makes big impact

Cori Peterson sat down for his sixth-grade programming class at South Winneshiek School and his interest in computer coding and programming was instantaneous. 
“I often compare my experience to someone that can pick up an instrument and just play it,” said the Iroc Web Design Services owner. “I sat down at the computer and understood what the code did and how it worked.” 
Working part-time as a radio announcer at KDEC in Decorah in 1994, Peterson also attended NICC, where he said he tried to “take all the computer courses I could.” Eventually he was offered full-time employment at the
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9 SEO Experts on 2020’s Impact and SEO Priorities for 2021, Part 1

Working at Wellspring Digital with an SEO OG, Karl Hindle, has given me access to some of the smartest people in SEO. I’ve been able to interview a few of them already, namely Lily Ray, Duane Forrester, Jim Hedger, and Tim Capper. And more are on their way.

2020 was a year of upheaval, to put it mildly. Marketing your business has become even more challenging in these turbulent times, and SEO is not any different.

So, I thought I would ask some of my favorite SEOs, including many friends of Wellspring Digital, their thoughts

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