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A needle in a haystack: Device Hub and the digital device avalanche

Today, more and more activities are performed online in ‘digital rooms.’ Classrooms, stores, meetings, medical consultations are just several examples of how the digital space is becoming an integral part of everyday life. The digital era is not only changing how we interact with one another, it is also surrounding us with increasing levels of connectivity. In fact, more than 400 5G devices have been launched with 300 more expected in the near term.


Market demand for communications

But it didn’t take long before this ‘Wi-Fi saturation’ caused equipment limitation and the bandwidth reached its capacity. This resulted in more

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Chamberlain myQ Smart Garage Hub review (model MYQ-G0401)

The Chamberlain myQ system has been my top smart garage door controller pick since we first tested it two and a half years ago. Naturally, the system has undergone its share of upgrades and enhancements since then, particularly with its app, and now a hardware upgrade has arrived as well.

The new myQ, model MYQ-G0401, is primarily driven by cosmetic changes—it’s white instead of black, both the controller and the door sensor have been redesigned, and a new wall plate makes mounting simpler—but otherwise its core functionality is the same. Aside from needing to plug in the controller hub to

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