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Font Psychology: Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Fonts

Design • FontsGert Svaiko • • 13 minutes READ

There are over half a million fonts in the world. While most of the web is built upon a handful of popular font types, there’s lots of room to pick a unique path. Since fonts are also visual elements, you can use them as psychological elements to paint a narrative that supports your site’s efforts.

Like other design elements, fonts influence how readers perceive the text, a product, or even the entire website. Therefore, proper font choices fuel your site’s user experience and ultimately affect the

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Keyword stuffing – seo no-no. Here’s what to do instead… | Anything is Possible | Open Mic

In older, simpler times (as recently as 2015) SEO was more straightforward, and optimising for keywords was a relatively simple matter of inserting your primary keyword every 100 words or so.

But Google has caught on and this method does not work any longer. In recent years, (2019 onwards) Google has become very good at understanding the relationship between intent, topics, and words – but it’s still a machine and so has its limits.

In practical terms, this means that Google will look for “semantically relevant” words within a text to determine how good the content is and how relevant

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Big N.J. school district will be back in person 5 days a week by end of April. Here’s how.

One of New Jersey’s largest school districts is aiming for five days per week of classroom instruction in most buildings by month’s end.

Students in Woodbridge resumed a hybrid schedule on March 1 after more than three months of all-remote learning due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Schools Superintendent Robert Zega said Friday that progress has been made in the past five weeks.

“We are happy to report that we finally have most of our schools back to 5 days of instruction. Those schools that are not back to 5 days will be hopefully back to 5 days very, very shortly,”

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Here’s What’s In Biden’s $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan


After weeks of anticipation, President Biden will unveil on Wednesday a sweeping proposal to revitalize American infrastructure and manufacturing, begin the transition to clean energy and industry and create jobs—here are the details.

Key Facts

The $2 trillion Biden will ask Congress to approve for his American Jobs Plan will be spent over a period of eight years and paid for with tax

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Free internet access coming for more South Bend students. Here’s how to learn if you qualify. | Coronavirus

SOUTH BEND — Free internet access is available to any South Bend Community School Corp. families with students eligible for free or reduced-price lunch.

Citywide Classroom South Bend — a partnership between the city of South Bend, the school district and local nonprofit enFocus — has already served nearly 1,000 households across the city through a needs-based rollout of at-home internet plans and mobile Wi-Fi hotspots, program leaders announced Monday.

Those connections are currently serving more than 1,700 students districtwide.

“This initiative has really worked on easing the burden that our families face with internet access,” said Patrick Stalvey, chief

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Russia may fine citizens for using SpaceX’s Starlink internet. Here’s how the internet service poses a threat to authoritarian regimes.

Elon Musk wearing a suit and tie smiling at the camera: Elon Musk's SpaceX has launched hundreds of satellites. Joe Skipper/Reuters

© Joe Skipper/Reuters
Elon Musk’s SpaceX has launched hundreds of satellites. Joe Skipper/Reuters

  • Russian citizens and companies may get fined by the state for using SpaceX’s Starlink internet.
  • Analyst John Byrne told Insider it’s easier for Russia to fine citizens rather than Starlink.
  • “Satellite potentially turns the tables because the government doesn’t control space,” Byrne said. 
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The Russian government may fine individuals or companies for using Starlink internet developed by the US company SpaceX owned by Elon Musk, according to local reports.

The new law, proposed by Russia’s legislative body the

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