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Website operators must be strategic, authentic to rank high in Google results

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The internet is a massive sea of information. And it’s only getting bigger.

So if your business is a minnow, bluegill or even a sturgeon in Lake Michigan, it can be pretty difficult to locate online.

It might alarm many business owners to learn that the vast majority of website pages get zero traffic from the world’s largest search engines, most notably Google. That means millions of websites and billions of pages within those sites aren’t getting a single hit, click or page view from Google searches. Nothing. Ever.

Search engines constantly change the complicated algorithms

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Does running Google ads help improve SEO rankings?

The topic of Google Ads and whether or not they can improve SEO rankings is one of the most widely discussed topics in the world of online marketing.

Some people believe that you will instantly secure better rankings for your website once you pay Google by purchasing their ads. Now, this is not true, at least not entirely.

Numerous different factors influence your SEO rankings. And while using Google Ads can potentially lead to better SEO rankings, there’s always more to the story. So, to answer the question, we must first dive a bit deeper into how SEO rankings work.

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Google signs deal with WNBA to help champion women’s sports

NEW YORK (AP) — The WNBA signed a multiyear deal with Google on Monday to be the presenting partner for the league’s playoffs, part of the technology giant’s efforts to help champion women’s sports.

Twenty-five WNBA games will be televised on ABC and ESPN in celebration of the league’s 25th season, with Google as the presenting sponsor. The league will also have 40 games on CBS and CBS Sports Network. The WNBA will also have 12 games streamed on Twitter and 20 on Facebook.

Google is the latest business to join the league as a “WNBA Changemaker,” a program that

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10 Easy Hacks to Up Your Business Website Rank on Google

You started a new website and would love to be better ranked in a Google search? Shmuel Aber, CEO of the Saber Team, presents 10 easy and legal hacks to help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Full Story

by Shmuel Aber, CEO of the Saber Team

I’ve been in the Digital Marketing space for quite a while. Our firm (The Saber Team) specializes in helping websites rank for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and reach the top of Google Search. Most of the techniques that we use are proprietary and quite complicated, but there are lots of low-hanging

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Google search update: Most websites failing to meet upcoming ‘good page’ criteria

Most websites that rank in Google’s top 20 search results do not currently pass the minimum requirements for a good page experience set out in the search engine’s new Core Web Vitals update which officially rolls out in June according to new research.

The study, from Searchmetrics, found 96% of sites tested in US desktop searches and more than 90% of those in mobile searches fail to meet Google’s three Core Web Vitals thresholds for good website performance and usability and risk their rankings being negatively impacted from June.

The study analysed over 2 million web pages appearing in the

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That’s NOT a Google Search Ranking Factor

In the wake of a few recent Twitter and SEO forum arguments about ranking factors, I wanted to dispel some common misconceptions about what is and is not a ranking factor.

There are plenty of things related to, correlated to, or associated with ranking factors that are not (or most likely are not) ranking factors themselves.

Why do we assume some of these non-factors may be considered in Google’s algorithm?

In this post, you’ll find some of the most commonly brought up by other SEO professionals or clients. I’ve tried to explain why they aren’t technically a ranking factor and

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