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T-Mobile in ‘early innings’ of rural distribution game

T-Mobile boasts about its ambitions to cover huge portions of the U.S. with 5G, including in rural areas – which it promised to do before merging with Sprint – but it’s still in the early innings when it comes to actually reaching those areas and bringing distribution there.

“This is a huge opportunity for us. It’s 40% of the entire marketplace, when you think about smaller markets and rural areas,” said Jon Freier, EVP of the consumer group at T-Mobile, during a Cowen investor event on Thursday. That’s just a bit more than 54 million households and about 140 million

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Sony is planning to bring PlayStation video game franchises to mobile by March 2022

This has been a busy year for Sony‘s gaming department PlayStation. Not only coping with the PlayStation 5 demand, but it is also reported to be working on bringing some of the popular console titles to mobile soon. The plan is expected to occur by the end of the financial year in March 2022.

According to Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO Jim Ryan, the company is beginning its journey to take PlayStation first-party IP off the console after a very successful publishing debut of Horizon Zero Dawn and Predator for PC. He also presented research suggesting

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New $45 AirTags an absolute game changer, purple iPhone 12, new 4K TV and slim iMac

Apple will tap further into the work-from-home market with a new slim iMac that was announced in a massive unveiling of products overnight and a brand new product that will prove a game changer for forgetful people.

Apple launched two new iPad Pros, a purple iPhone 12, brand new “AirTags”, used for locating items, and a new Apple 4K TV during a one-hour unveiling event at 3am AEST on Wednesday.

The AirTags will be available on April 30, while Apple said the iMac could be ordered “from mid-May”.


With working from home now the norm for many, Apple users

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Sony wants to expand its PlayStation game franchises into mobile games

While Sony has a big presence in the console market with PlayStation, it has yet to capture the mobile space. But Sony clearly wants in on mobile gaming and has started to take steps towards that. In fact, the company has started to hire personnel for it.

As spotted by Eurogamer, Sony has posted a job ad for someone to be “Head of Mobile” at PlayStation Studios. One of the job’s responsibilities is to promote the development of mobile games and ensure their commercial success. Furthermore, he/she would have to lead the company’s expansion into “mobile & Live

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The government reportedly permits to launch the game in India

The Indian government has reported permitted the PUBG Mobile parent company, Krafton, to release its video game in India with the name PUBG Mobile India. The rumour has quickly gained currency in recent times owing to the stern stand of the Indian government to ban application owned by Chinese companies.

What are the arguments in support of the rumour?

The Indian government has not released any official statement regarding the returning of the video game. However, a few sources suggest that the rumour may turn into a reality in the coming months. Some famous Indian YouTubers have even posted stories

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After Antutu scores controversy, Realme now caught using iPhone to exhibit game streaming during the launch of Narzo 30A

Realme is once again in the news for playing a cheap gimmick to overrate the performance of its smartphone. The company has been allegedly found using an iPhone to host game streaming at the launch event of the Realme Narzo 30A.

What mistake did Realme do?

Recently Realme launched the Narzo 30A in Bangladesh. The company conducted a game streaming event to show-off the capabilities of the new smartphone. However, it’s rumoured that Realme didn’t use the Narzo 30A smartphone for game streaming. Instead, the streaming was allegedly hosted on an iPhone. Which was later confirmed in a statement by

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