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5 Baltimore schools and community orgs are getting free Wi-Fi and hotspots from Connected Nation

Three schools and two nonprofit organizations in Baltimore will receive 800 free mobile hotspots as well as free internet connectivity from Connected Nation and AT&T.

Connected Nation is a nonprofit founded in 2001 in Appalachia dedicated to getting online connectivity to communities. It is working with AT&T on a wider connected learning effort. In Baltimore, where the digital divide can leave as many as 40% of Baltimore households without internet service, organizations like Connected Nation are needed to fill the gap.

The schools and organizations locally that are receiving internet connectivity include:

“Getting devices in the hands of students

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Best ecommerce tools: free and paid services and software for SMBs and startups

With the rise of online shopping, it would be almost impossible for a business to thrive without some form of ecommerce solution. By creating an online store, you can access a broader base of customers who may never have encountered your products if you were selling to a local community from a single retail outlet.

As well as building online stores, the best ecommerce tools can help you take payments online through point-of-sale (POS) technology, manage your inventory, and answer customer queries. From a financial point of view, shifting some of your business to an ecommerce platform can also help

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Best Adobe Portfolio alternatives: free and paid software options from Wix and others

Included as part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud bundle – with unlimited pages and hosting – Adobe Portfolio is a well-respected and widely used website builder that allows creatives to showcase their photography, illustrations, design work, and more. 

But with its requirement for a Creative Cloud subscription, Adobe Portfolio certainly isn’t for everyone. For those who’d rather not sign up to a CC plan -or those on the hunt for portfolio builders at low or no cost – it’s worth investigating the various Adobe Portfolio alternatives.

In this article, we highlight five Adobe Portfolio rivals, listing their costs, leading features, and

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Best Adobe Dreamweaver alternatives: Free and paid software options

A popular choice when it comes to web design software, Adobe Dreamweaver enables you to create and publish responsive website designs. While it has support for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more, it has a graphic interface that doesn’t require too much coding knowledge.

However, it isn’t for everyone. Its interface and features can be too complicated for less experienced web designers, and the subscription pricing plan can get expensive.

Thankfully, there are several other options available. In this feature, we look at five Dreamweaver alternatives that may be the web design solutions that you need.

Visual Studio Code

(Image credit: Microsoft)

1. Visual

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Why Did Amazon Cancel One-Month Prime Subscription in India, and Discontinues Free Trial as Well?

Amazon will no longer offer monthly Prime membership in India, and the company has also stopped offering its free trial for Prime. Moving forward, the e-commerce giant will only be offering three-month or annual Prime memberships. The Amazon Prime subscription amount used to begin at Rs. 129 per month, but this starting pack has been removed by the company, after a new guideline from the Reserve Bank of India. The new rules ask for the implementation of an additional factor of authentication (AFA) for processing recurring online transactions. This would make monthly recharges cumbersome, and instead Amazon has simply removed

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