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Supreme Court Resolves Circuit Split Regarding Scope of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act | Arent Fox

Importantly, however, an individual does not violate the CFAA when he has improper motives for accessing information that is otherwise available to him or where he intends to misuse information to which he has authorized access. The full opinion is available here.


The CFAA was originally passed by Congress in 1986 in response to a rise in the number of “hacking” incidents and other computer-related crimes. Initially, the CFAA covered only certain financial information; however, it has since been expanded to cover any information from any computer used in or affecting interstate commerce or communication. As a

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Meitu Taps HUMAN for Marketing and Advertising Fraud Prevention

Meitu, China’s top AI-driven image-and-video processing tech enterprise, has partnered up with cybersecurity leader HUMAN (formerly known as White Ops), best known for collectively protecting enterprises from bot attacks, to safeguard Meitu’s applications and programmatic platform solutions to support with the delivery of effective business results for Meitu’s ecosystem. HUMAN’s Advertising Integrity pre-bid and post-bid advertising bot mitigation solutions will be integrated directly into Meitu’s platform infrastructure to ensure media solutions, such as advertising buying and selling, reach humans only.

Marketing Technology News: Stephanie Plaines Joins Nielsen Board of Directors

“HUMAN will work closely with Meitu to support and validate

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Digital lending: Government blocks 27 fraud lending apps offering instant credit online

India’s digital lending value had jumped from $33 billion in FY15 to $150 billion in FY20 and is likely to grow to the $350-billion mark by FY23.

Following the ban on over 250 apps of Chinese origin ranging across categories such as social network, gaming, e-commerce, news, business, photo and video editing, and more, the government of India has now come down heavily on lending or loan apps offering instant credit over the internet. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) had received a request from the Ministry of Home Affairs for blocking 27 loan lending apps and after

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How to Avoid Online Payment Fraud While Using UPI Apps, E-Wallets

Avoiding online payment fraud while using UPI apps or e-wallets is becoming increasingly difficult with the growing volume of online transaction in India. Total number of transactions made through the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) in February 2021 was 2.29 billion, according to data provided by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). And as more people make payments using UPI apps and e-wallets in the country, the incidences of online fraud grow. Scammers continue to find new ways to steal the hard-earned money of individuals. Many such victims have posted about their ordeals on social media.

The list of victims

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