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Why Your Company Does Not Show On Page One of Google Search And How To Fix It

Search Engine Optimization is an essential part of digital marketing and advertising. It determines how high you are ranked on Google search. SEO involves using specific keywords and phrases to increase visibility in search engines and easily attract quality users. Arguably, billions of users are searching for items to buy from Google Search. Therefore, optimizing a small business website will significantly help the business to succeed.


However, if your website lacks trust, authority, or relevancy, it will not be ranked or might get removed from search results. Due

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Will Elon Musk’s Starlink Fix Internet Issues in Western Pa.?

(TNS) — Dictated by the peaks and dips of Western Pennsylvania’s rolling landscape, Internet service is often spotty — even nonexistent — for thousands of people based on topography and a lack of infrastructure for high-speed Internet services.

But an ambitious project by billionaire Elon Musk promises lofty goals for those struggling with broadband inequities, which have been highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic as school and work largely moved online.

Starlink, owned by the Tesla CEO, has put more than 1,400 satellites into orbit, building a network — or constellation, as the company calls it — to provide Internet service

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Biden infrastructure plan sparks lobbying war over how to fix America’s internet

Worried that Democrats will cut them out of these subsidy plans, they’re going on the offensive.

“If 5G is cut out, it won’t do anything to help rural residents who want better mobile service,” said Jonathan Adelstein, president of the Wireless Infrastructure Association, which counts AT&T and Verizon among its members. “They’d have to run back home to go online, just like the dark ages before cellphones when you could only take a call from the house.”

Adelstein — a Democrat who headed the Agriculture Department’s rural utilities program in the Obama administration and served as an FCC commissioner —

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What the New York City Democratic candidates for mayor say they will fix the internet

Wiley and Shaun Donovan have said they would build from the vision in the master plan. Wileys New Deal New York plan—promising $10 billion to revitalize the city—includes $2 billion for digital and physical infrastructure, pairing sewer repairs and bike lanes with broadband fiber and public Wi-Fi.

Wiley led de Blasios efforts to expand internet access as counsel to the mayor, including bringing free broadband to the Queensbridge Houses. She left in 2016, well ahead of City Hall publishing the Internet Master Plan. She continued to work on broadband issues, however, as co-director of the

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Billionaire-Backed Swedish Startup May Have Digital Cash Fix

A Swedish fintech backed by billionaire Mohammed Al Amoudi says it’s found a solution to one of the biggest nightmares of an increasingly cashless world: what happens if the Internet goes dark and we can’t use our phones or cards?

Crunchfish AB, in which Al Amoudi holds 17% through investment unit Midroc, is developing software for mobile phones that lets consumers pay merchants in real time, offline and in any currency, including central bank digital currency and Bitcoin.

In doing so, the startup may have figured out how to help societies function without cash, even “if the lights go out,”

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SEO Tool To Find and Fix Missing Links On Your Website

On-page SEO tools are important in performing deep analysis of the webpages to ensure that website is SEO friendly and gives the best user experience. You’ll find a handful of SEO tools over the internet that checks whether your website follows a proper structure like Meta descriptions, image tags, and page titles.

Your website shouldn’t only be SEO optimized but it should also be properly optimized for the users who are going to visit it. Website issues like broken links, missing images, and other issues should also be dealt

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