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New York Public Library to expand reopening to include computer use, browsing shelves

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — The New York Public Library (NYPL) will expand its services when it enters the next phase of its reopening on May 10.

In this reopening phase, library patrons will be allowed to browse shelves for a select amount of time or schedule ahead to use computers. Patrons also can access the research collections by appointment.

The Staten Island branches that will be included in this phase are Huguenot Park, New Dorp, Todt Hill-Westerleigh, Stapleton, St. George Library Center and Richmondtown. Currently, these sites only are open for grab-and-go.

As part of the reopening plan, the NYPL

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Sony wants to expand its PlayStation game franchises into mobile games

While Sony has a big presence in the console market with PlayStation, it has yet to capture the mobile space. But Sony clearly wants in on mobile gaming and has started to take steps towards that. In fact, the company has started to hire personnel for it.

As spotted by Eurogamer, Sony has posted a job ad for someone to be “Head of Mobile” at PlayStation Studios. One of the job’s responsibilities is to promote the development of mobile games and ensure their commercial success. Furthermore, he/she would have to lead the company’s expansion into “mobile & Live

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Syracuse to expand public Wi-Fi access for city residents

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The city of Syracuse will install Wi-Fi access points at six community centers over the next few weeks.

Installing the access points is an effort to bridge the city’s “digital divide” — a disparity in the number of people who own computers or smartphones and can easily access the internet. But a lack of internet connection is only one part of the problem, residents and city officials said.

The move is part of Mayor Ben Walsh’s “Syracuse Surge” initiative, which seeks to bolster the

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Martha Escutia says the time is now to expand internet access in California

When Martha Escutia started worrying about the digital divide in the 1990s, almost nobody knew what that term meant.

“I was digging through the newspaper classifieds, the want ads,” remembered Escutia, USC’s vice president for state government relations and special counsel. “I noticed it was getting thin, and that got me thinking: Where is this information going? It was going online.”

High-speed internet was not a novelty, she thought; it was a necessity. Amid a wave of telecom mergers in 2005, Escutia saw an opportunity.

“I said: ‘Let’s make it a condition of these mergers that these companies have

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