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Event Invitation Emails: Best Practices and Examples You Can Steal

Email DesignNataly Birch • • 18 minutes READ

According to Bizzabo’s studies, more than 80% of top brands all around the world believe in-person events are critical for growth and success. Last year, they spent just a little bit under a billion dollars on gatherings. This year they show an intention to grow even more.

Indeed, event marketing is an excellent opportunity to raise credits for your company, generate qualified leads, and ensure revenue.

While hosting an event in real life can be a challenge that requires a professional planner, when it comes to sending

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12 best examples of WordPress ecommerce sites

An online store that stands out from the crowd is a must-have for any brand, and WordPress is a great option for anyone looking to start or grow an ecommerce site. With a variety of plugins, themes, and extensions to choose from, it is possible to completely customise your WordPress ecommerce site to create a unique and memorable user experience. 

But with virtually unlimited customisation options available, designing a WordPress online store can be overwhelming, even for experienced creatives. In this article, we highlight 12 excellent examples of WordPress ecommerce sites to use as inspiration when designing your own. Or

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Improve your Campaign with Gift Card Emails: Best Practices and Examples

Email DesignNataly Birch • • 13 minutes READ

Gift card emails are one of the most underused marketing avenues. People like discounts, special offers, and presents. Reciprocity goes a long way; even the smallest bonus can easily win over clients and compel them to visit your website.

This type of email marketing will never die. It was beneficial last year, and it will undoubtedly work again, especially during the pandemic, when people crave positive emotions.

Gift card newsletters can do lots of things: earn loyalty, advocate brand, strengthen relationships, drive traffic to the website, and

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Guide to Customer Appreciation Emails, Examples and Best Practices

Email DesignNataly Birch • • 14 minutes READ

Email marketing is an incredibly diverse area. It is about not only touting goods and keeping users up-to-date but maintaining healthy relationships with customers. The digital world can be cold and misleading. Therefore, without a one-to-one connection with clients, your business will fail to survive fierce competition.

Customer appreciation emails are what you need to create warm feelings that will leave a lasting impression and provide comfort that people get in the regular shops. They help to build and cement the relationships with the contacts by showing

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