In August, Marie Shanahan ’94 (CLAS), an award-winning print and online journalist who has taught at UConn since 2011, became just the third department head in the program’s nearly 60-year history. 

Shanahan – who in 2022 will conduct research in the Philippines as a Fulbright US Scholar – recently spoke with UConn Today about the state of the news industry, the opportunities for experimentation that exist at UConn, and why the skills that make good journalists are more valuable now than ever.

Now she shares what UConn’s journalism program looked like in the past, and how it is uniquely prepared

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5G should bring about a major shift in the history of telecoms. 5G substantially improves total IT infrastructure and speeds up industrial upgrades with high efficiency, enormous connectivity, and flexible network architecture. Many nations, including China, the U.S., Japan, and South Korea have adopted 5G as their national plans and policy support to promote 5G industry growth. China flourished 5G in Shenzhen.

The 5G end-to-end plan is precisely the ZTE5G strategy. With a strong focus on the establishment of the standard of 5G, 5G Equipment is aiming to lead the 5G age via technology, marketing, and scale.

Continued 5G

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“With smart connected solutions for healthcare providers, medical device manufacturers, and life sciences companies, 5G networks could unlock a new era of POCT diagnostics,” said Amartya Bose, Healthcare & Life Sciences Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “Additionally, as alternate testing channels continue to create new care delivery models, the application of digital POCT, including biosensors, wearables, remote patient monitoring, and digital biomarkers fostered by 5G networks, will activate personalized care, facilitated by augmented/virtual reality.”

Nitin Naik, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Global Practice Area Leader at Frost & Sullivan, added: “Assessing health parameters and vital signs will

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  • There has been a shift toward digital payments during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • There is increasing attention to and development of central bank digital currencies and stablecoins.
  • The World Economic Forum’s Digital Currency Governance Consortium is working to help realize the benefits and mitigate the risks of these new forms of digital currencies.

The COVID-19 pandemic and consequent economic crisis have indelibly altered our daily lives. One of the profound changes has been the acceleration in the shift towards digital payments, as customers avoided cash over fears it might spread the virus, and as retailers adapted by moving their activity online.

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Ten years back, Nepal was not what it is now. Things have changed a lot since then, from the mindset of the people to the lifestyle they pursue.

The memory of stealing the mobile phone from my father’s pocket to play a game called ‘Snake Xenzia’ is still fresh, as if it happened just yesterday. I was 10 or even less when the phone was first introduced in our home. I was taken aback by the way it functioned. It felt nothing less than a miracle at that time when my voice reached the person living in

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We’ve all seen clumsy-looking websites where the art and copy fail to mesh. The text hides an important piece of an image, the visual styles clash or the composition just seems imbalanced.

But Salesforce appears to be on the cusp of an automated remedy. In a study of 20,000 copyright-free images gathered from Unsplash, its UX research and design team found proprietary object-detection software could isolate and categorize subtle differences in media, vector graphics and formatted text.

This research could have broad application for the industry, said Sönke Rohde, a vice president who leads the team, particularly for companies and

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