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12 Email Marketing Tips and Tools for Shopify

Email DesignPayman Taei • • 11 minutes READ

With roughly 320 billion emails sent and received every day in 2021, we understand that email marketing is still very much alive and relevant.

In fact, all kinds of businesses, from small Shopify businesses to enterprises, can use the power of email marketing to raise awareness of their products and services.

Given that email marketing is one of the best marketing channels out there, we’ve created a list of the most prominent email marketing tools to help Shopify business owners make the most of it.

Additionally, in

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The B2B Marketers Guide to Email Design Trends: 2021 Edition

As we inch closer to the second quarter of 2021, B2B email marketing is rapidly evolving to meet the criteria of post-pandemic economies. This will also make it necessary for email marketers to evolve email designs to accommodate the new requirements. Some of the biggest changes we experienced were the cost optimization drives and the budget cuts. However, changes in conversion rates also made marketer scratch their heads as they dropped below the 15% mark, a historic low for the blue-eyed boy of digital marketing:

If you are looking forward to hitchhiking your way to the top despite the odds,

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Email Marketing Strategy and Tips for Successful Campaigns to Use in 2021

Email DesignAndriy Zapisotskyi • • 8 minutes READ

Are you new to email marketing or wish to improve your current results? It is a huge topic indeed, but to succeed, you need to start small. With this post, you will make it easily: here we are explaining the essentials of email marketing and guiding you through the main steps for crafting effective email campaigns.

You will find practical advice on how to plan your emails, choose email marketing service, and design engaging messages. Let’s start from the strategic goals of email marketing and then step-by-step

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How to Draft an Email Newsletter

Effective advertising almost always includes a robust email marketing strategy, regardless of the type of business. Emails are somewhat inexpensive to produce yet reach a wide audience in a quick and efficient way. Using email, you can communicate the latest developments from your company, announce a limited time offer or share your latest blog content.

Email newsletters are one of the most common email marketing tools, providing a “one-stop-shop” approach to increasing engagement and conversion. In this guide, we’ll explain the benefits of email newsletters and how to craft an effective campaign so you can take your marketing efforts to

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The Best Email Marketing Templates

Templates are a useful tool that many email marketing software providers usually include with their subscription plans. Templates allow you to quickly format an email intended for your audience, including images, content, calls to action and links. The way an email is arranged can significantly affect how recipients engage with your content (or if they engage with it at all), so it is important to optimize your email marketing campaign by choosing the right template.

Here is a closer look at some of the best email marketing templates available and the software that supports them. 

1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one

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How to Create Email with Your Own Domain Easily and for Free!

How to Create Email with Your Own Domain Easily and for Free!

How to Create Email with Your Own Domain Easily and for Free After you have successfully, how to create a website with a domain name that you have set yourself, it does not mean that your task is complete. Not only does it function as a brand image builder for how to create a website, but the website is also useful for building the credibility of your brand in the eyes of audiences to customers. One way that you can use to build your image and brand credibility is by using an email with a domain name extension.

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