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Duplicate Content and SEO: What’s the Big Deal

With the search engine algorithm of Google getting stringent to enhance page experience, duplicate content can be a massive disaster for a website.

Most of us aren’t aware of the consequences of publishing duplicate content, which is perhaps why we ignore this critical aspect.

But how it affects our SEO ranking? Well, Google finds it difficult to analyze which content is more relevant to a query if similar content is available on more than one website on the internet.

Moreover, the overall ranking of the website in Google search is also affected if the content isn’t relevant to

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Google Says Duplicate Content is NOT Penalizing Your Search Ranking

In what is one of the more interesting and debated SEO topics, it turns out, maybe not surprisingly, that as with anything, Google applies judgment and doesn’t automatically penalize duplicate content whether it’s within your website pages or content across the web. John Mueller, the lead of the Search Relations team at Google, recently confirmed that the search engine algorithms don’t negatively score repeated content across pages.

The exact quote:

“With that kind of duplicate content, it’s not so much that there’s a negative score associated with it. It’s more that, if we find exactly the same information on multiple

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