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The digital divide is causing major economic problems for rural Texas. What now?

HUNTSVILLE — John Davidhizar’s business, a Christian camp and retreat in the open spaces of Sam Houston National Forest, has struggled for years with the lack of access to reliable, high-speed internet. It has made it harder to attract campers and staff, market the business and manage reservations.

But here’s what really stings. When his adult children — including a son, a doctor, and a daughter, studying for a master’s degree — come to visit, they don’t stay very long because they need to get back to a better connection for their work.

“They (internet providers) just say we don’t

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How the homework gap may actually be the key to solving our digital divide

After schools were ordered to shut down last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Freeman School District in Rockford, Washington, surveyed families and put together a map to determine where broadband was available and where it wasn’t.

Freeman School District
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When schools shut down in March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Freeman School District in Rockford, Washington, like districts across the country, scrambled to put in place a remote learning plan. The good news was that it had already begun

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Bridging the Digital Divide – Ericsson

It took a pandemic to make us aware

The transition to work from home (WFH), learn from home (LFH), and telehealth forced by the COVID pandemic highlighted the digital divide in underserved rural and urban areas. In the U.S., the goal to bridge the digital divide has bipartisan support. President Joseph Biden’s infrastructure plan seeks to bridge the digital divide by bringing affordable, reliable, high-speed broadband to every American through an investment of USD 100 billion. 

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The digital divide is not just an access issue. The

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How One High School Student Is Bridging The Digital Divide

“People say cliché statements like, ‘The youth of today are the future of tomorrow,’ all the time but unless we do something about the digital divide now, this persistent educational gap will continue growing exponentially, leading to an immense financial and opportunity gap for generations of Americans.”

These words, written by high school sophomore Shriya Garg from Rome, GA, are particularly poignant today as the nation begins the slow process of digging out from under the worst global pandemic in 100 years. The “digital divide”

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Lions help bridge the digital divide locally

In most cases children with incarcerated parents face barriers such as housing instability, homelessness, educational and emotional insecurities, abuse, and experience additional unspoken trauma from trying their best to navigate and survive in their community. Studies suggest that due to this instability, youth with an incarcerated parent are seven times more likely to be incarcerated instead of educated.

Now, these children are facing even larger gaps due to the digital divide including the inability to connect with an incarcerated parent due to COVID-19 visitation lockdowns and lack of access to technology which leaves them unable to have educational, emotional, and

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Quantifying the Economic Impact of Closing the Digital Divide

NEW YORK, May 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —

Key takeaways

  • Additional broadband coverage, adoption, and speed is accretive for incremental growth of U.S. jobs and GDP, making the case for investment
  • A 10 percentage-point increase in broadband penetration in 2016 would have resulted in more than 806,000 additional jobs in 2019, or an average annual increase of 269,000 jobs.
  • More than 875,000 additional U.S. jobs and $186 billion more in economic output would have occurred in 2019 had there been a 10 percentage-point increase in broadband access in 2014.
  • Adding 10 Mbps to average download speeds in 2016 would
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