Want to reprint a famous author’s writing on your website? You could get sued. Dropped a clip from a TV show or movie into your YouTube video? You could get sued. Have almost any identifiable song playing in the background of your Facebook video? Heck, you probably won’t get sued… but that’s only because Facebook will automatically take the whole video down within minutes of your posting.

And If you’re an app or software designer, there are even design patterns you can’t use because Netflix or Google beat you to it, and they have the patents to prove it.

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If you build websites for clients, you need a platform with advanced design features that can help bring your vision to life and push your creative boundaries. So we’d highly recommend you take a look at Editor X.

Advanced design capabilities

This advanced web design platform is crafted specifically for professional creatives who build sites for others. Offering a unique combination of approachable CSS, integrated business features and built-in coding capabilities, Editor X allows you to build and launch cutting-edge websites with seamless, responsive layouts and full breakpoint control.

In short, it has the potential to transform the way

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