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Palm Beach County coalition shows a way to improve digital access

In South Florida, a coalition of community, heath and technology groups have developed an innovative project, in an attempt to bring digital access to all in the area. 

During Palm Beach County’s stay-at-home orders at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the community realized just how many residents lacked fundamental digital access. In April of 2020, the Economic Council of Palm Beach County and the Palm Beach County school district led initial discussions on the issue.

The county commission developed workgroups to advise the county government on navigating the pandemic, and the initial focus was to ensure that all students

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Orange County SEO – Orange County, CA Patch

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SEO is an

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$500,000 STEM grant awarded to Citiparks, Remake Learning and Allegheny County Library Association

This article first appeared in Kidsburgh.org, a media partner of NEXTpittsburgh that focuses on making Pittsburgh a better place to raise kids.  

Lots of kids can master computer games, but how many can create or even modify one? That’s one goal of exposing young people to computer science and computational thinking that several organizations in Pittsburgh are working to achieve.

Remake Learning, the Allegheny County Library Association and Citiparks are sharing a $500,000 PASmart Advancing Grant from the state Department of Education to expand access to computer science and STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education. State officials

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Broadband survey finds ‘digital divide’ in Manistee County

MANISTEE COUNTY — Initial results are coming in from a survey by Connecting Manistee County, a grassroots organization looking to increase broadband access locally.

Data gathered from the survey will help determine where and what internet access issues Manistee County residents are facing. The results of which will help inform the committee to make decisions and recommendations for solutions.

Thus far, pollsters found over 14.3% of respondents say they lack home internet access with an additional 38.5% reporting download speeds lower than 25 megabytes per second. This data comes from a May 17 report with 522 responses.

Respondents were split

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Bates County Sheriff’s Office investigating simultaneous swatting calls

BUTLER, Mo. — The Bates County Sheriff’s Office is investigating two swatting calls that happened over the weekend.

The first call came in around 11:50 p.m. on May 2, 2021. A Facebook post from the Sheriff’s Office said the caller sounded like a juvenile. He said his father shot and killed his mother and was still shooting a rifle in the house. The caller said he was hiding and his father was trying to find him.

Officers from four police departments, the Bates County Sheriffs’ Office, and troopers from the Missouri Highway Patrol responded to the Butler, Missouri, address the

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Swanville Schools to implement PBIS to promote positive behavior | Morrison County Record

    About two years ago, the Swanville School District started training its teachers in Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) to encourage and promote elementary students to choose to behave positively.

    “We set some goals and so far, we have been working mostly with staff on how you build relationships with kids, and to work

A variety of posters are hung in the hallway of Swanville Public Schools to remind students to treat others with a kind heart.

on that as much as you can” he said.

    The plan to integrate the students more into PBIS

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