I’ve been broadcasting on Twitch for about two years now using all kinds of different gear, and no single gadget has elevated my streaming game quite like the $80 Elgato Stream Deck Mini. This keypad features six LCD buttons that can be customized to do just about anything on your PC. As a result, I can produce an entire live show with a few easy taps, making streaming that much easier — and a lot more fun.

If you’re thinking about getting into Twitch, YouTube, podcasting or really any type of content creation, the Stream Deck (which

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New York, USA, June 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As per a research report by Research Dive, the global content marketing industry is expected to generate a revenue of $137.2 million by 2026, increasing from a market size of $42.2 million in the year 2018, at a noteworthy CAGR of 16.2{a7758c3706987b952e6c06b8e84de22b0478c6ec9e4b4c13f69a9ea693861278} during 2020-2027 timeframe. The market research collects current market growth as well as future situations. Researchers have conducted a market study by evaluating data and numbers using primary as well as secondary research approaches. Also, reference data from authentic sites, newspapers, periodicals, journals, and books are referred

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John Mueller explained why Google may rank plagiarized content over the original content in a Google SEO Office-hours hangout. He explained that this can happen when the publisher of the original content is low quality overall.

John Mueller’s answer was in the context of a question about why an article thief will outrank the publisher of the original content.

Another Site Outranking With Copied Content

The person asking the question was concerned about being outranked by another site using content copied from their site.

He asked John Mueller if Google was able to tell which site is the original content

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You know that SEO and content marketing go hand-in-hand. But, you might ask yourself, to what extent should SEO, or search engine optimization, drive your content decisions? We face this decision in a lot of different ways when we create blog posts for Spring Insight or for our clients. One common question is whether SEO should drive content decisions, or whether the content decision comes first and SEO follows. In other words, in terms of content decisions and SEO, which is the chicken and which is the egg?

The answer? The least satisfying one of all times… it depends.


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As an SEO best practice, the above the fold area of a webpage should have at least some content which is unique to that page.

This is recommended by Google’s John Mueller during the weekly SEO hangout recorded on June 4.

A site owner named Jameson Sansone asks Mueller a question related to repeating the same content in the above the fold area of multiple web pages.

To be specific, Sansone is restructuring his site’s blog and intends to use the same hero banner, the same heading, the same blurb of text, and the same set of links at the

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How do today’s major global brands develop a digital presence and compete organically in local markets throughout the world?

It’s called glocal.

No, that’s not a typo – glocal is a sophisticated combination of global and local influence fueled by modern localization technology and strategic international marketing implementation.

With the help of localization technology, global brands can be relevant and attractive on a local level, too. It’s the modern secret to building a global brand’s local staying power.

When done right, the glocalization process taps into the power of content localization and SEO. This strategy ensures brands are

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