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Computer problem takes Hubble offline

WASHINGTON — Spacecraft controllers are continuing to work on a faulty computer memory system on NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope that has stopped telescope operations for nearly a week.

A payload computer on Hubble stopped working June 13, the agency said in a June 16 statement. Engineers speculated that the computer, used to manage operations of Hubble’s science instruments, malfunctioned because of a degrading memory module, putting the instruments into a safe mode.

The agency said at the time that it would switch of a backup memory module that day and, after about a day of testing, restart the instruments and

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Computer Screens and Pieces of Paper


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MSU welcomes high school students from rural districts for advanced physics, computer science program

Contact: Allison Matthews

Students and teachers taking part in the Advanced STEM Summer Preparatory Program at Mississippi State University are pictured with Stedman Graham, an educator, businessman and bestselling author, who spoke to students virtually this week to share advice and answer questions about how to develop skills needed for success. Students are holding copies of Graham’s book “Teens Can Make it Happen: Nine Steps for Success.” (Photo submitted)

STARKVILLE, Miss.—Nearly 100 promising Mississippi high school students from 13 rural districts are finishing their second week of the Advanced STEM Summer Preparatory Program at Mississippi State University to prepare for

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Ohio Planning Computer Science Requirements for K-12

(TNS) — State legislators will decide in the next three weeks whether Ohio K-12 schools will be mandated to offer computer science courses by fall 2022, or whether the state merely has to start developing a plan for computer science education.

The version of the state budget bill approved by the House has specific timelines by which schools would have to offer courses. The Senate took out those local course mandates, but maintained the bill’s requirement to develop a statewide plan.

The House bill says:

— By the 2022-23 school year, students in 11th and 12th grades “must have the

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Google exploreCSR workshop promotes computer science research

Held in April, the workshop gave participants the opportunity to hear from research students, industry engineers, and academics on their experiences working in computer science research.

The Google exploreCSR awards aim to aid university efforts to support students from underrepresented groups to pursue graduate studies and research careers in computing. 

When applying for funding, the university had to submit a program running plan and sustainment plan to demonstrate the ongoing benefits to students. Other considerations included the diversity of partnering organisations who would support the program, how well the university understood the needs of the students, and the proposed workshop

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Computer Science Seniors Develop Cane to be the Eyes of the Visually Impaired

Two recent Trinity College graduates used their computer science know-how to develop a new way to help visually-impaired people navigate safely through their environments.

For their senior project, Alisa Levin ’21 and Rahul Mitra ’21 successfully built a cost-effective “Real-Time Object Detection Aid for the Visually Impaired.” Mounted on a white cane, a microcomputer with a camera uses machine learning to determine what’s in the path of a visually-impaired user; that information is announced aloud by the user’s smartphone, which is connected to the microcomputer via Bluetooth. See a brief video demonstration of the project here.

Rahul Mitra ’21
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