EDMONTON, AB – Just one extra sleep left.

The Edmonton Oilers participated in apply on Tuesday forward of Opening Night time on Wednesday, when the Vancouver Canucks journey to Rogers Place for Recreation 1 of the 82-game regular-season schedule.

The membership finalized its 23-man roster on Monday afternoon, loaning ahead Kyle Turris to the Bakersfield Condors of the American Hockey League and recalling defenceman Philip Broberg. William Lagesson was positioned on Injured Reserve (IR), whereas blueliner Oscar Klefbom and goaltender Alex Stalock had been positioned on Lengthy Time period Injured Reserve. Three gamers – forwards Josh Archibald, Dylan Holoway,

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I apologize for sounding like a grumpy old man. But I’m going to go full Andy Rooney and complain about gadgets and technology that — however well intentioned — seem to be forgetting about the average person.

This is grouchy me asking: Who is technology made for? Tech isn’t just for nerds anymore, but companies often act as if it is.

Amazon and Apple got into a spat a few weeks ago over “lossless” audio files. I didn’t know what they were, either. They’re high-quality digital songs that most people can’t distinguish from regular versions. Likewise, the newest features in

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If Amazon’s Alexa thinks you sound sad, should it suggest that you buy a gallon of ice cream?

Joseph Turow says absolutely no way. Turow, a professor at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, researched technologies like Alexa for his new book, “The Voice Catchers.” He came away convinced that companies should be barred from analyzing what we say and how we sound to recommend products or personalize advertising messages.

Turow’s suggestion is notable partly because the profiling of people based on their voices isn’t widespread. Or, it isn’t yet. But he is encouraging policymakers and

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By Gary Truitt

The biggest factor impacting the ability of U.S. farmers to produce the food we need has nothing to do with the weather, the markets, trade, regulations, or disease. The worldwide shortage of computer chips will impact all aspects of agriculture for the next two years and beyond.  Almost every piece of farm equipment, like most everything else in our lives, needs a computer chips to operate. Due in part to the Covid 19 Pandemic, there is a massive worldwide shortage of chips; and the industry is unable to meet the skyrocketing demand. Industry sources say the current

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