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Commentary: Chip Shortage Forcing Farmers to Plan Ahead

By Gary Truitt

The biggest factor impacting the ability of U.S. farmers to produce the food we need has nothing to do with the weather, the markets, trade, regulations, or disease. The worldwide shortage of computer chips will impact all aspects of agriculture for the next two years and beyond.  Almost every piece of farm equipment, like most everything else in our lives, needs a computer chips to operate. Due in part to the Covid 19 Pandemic, there is a massive worldwide shortage of chips; and the industry is unable to meet the skyrocketing demand. Industry sources say the current

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CHIPS for America Act aims to correct computer chip shortage

‘The good news is this is one of those rare, rare points of consensus,’ said Sen. John Cornyn of funding for his CHIPS for America Act.

DALLAS — The global pandemic magnified supply chain problems throughout the world – from medical equipment to computer chips. 

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) arrived in Dallas, Thursday, to say his proposed solution is nearing the finish line.

In January, the U.S. Senate passed Cornyn’s CHIPS for America Act, which proposes substantial financial incentives to increase the production of semiconductors in the United States.

An altered semiconductor supply chain – while of concern to

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Cisco Channel Partner Urges Review of Supply Chain After Chip Shortage

Top Cisco partner CAE says nation-states need to secure supplies “to avoid the rise of computer chip nationalism.”

The channel is weighing in on comments Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins made about the current computer chip shortage.

Robbins told the BBC that the shortage of computer chips is set to last for most of this year. Many firms have seen production delayed because of a lack of semiconductors, caused by COVID-19 among other factors.

Cisco’s Chuck Robbins

“We think we’ve got another six months to get through the short term,” said Robbins. “Right now, it is a big problem … because

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Computer chip shortage, lingering COVID affects economic recovery

BUFFALO, N.Y. — If you’re in the market for a new car, or an appliance or a new computer, be aware that the availability and price may be affected in the weeks to come. 

That’s because of a global shortage of those computer chips, which power all of those electronic components in our vehicles and devices. Some observers say it affects the supply chain and our national economy. 

Just like COVID affected factory production lines and supplies of big ticket items like appliances last spring and summer, now in part it’s responsible for a worldwide shortfall of those electronic brains

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Nvidia Plans New Chip to Compete With Intel in Data-Center Market

Graphics-chip giant Nvidia Corp. is increasing the competitive pressure on Intel Corp. with plans to start selling central-processing units to serve the booming data-center market.

Nvidia said Monday its first processor for data centers would operate 10 times faster than existing chips. Dubbed Grace, after the famed computer scientist Grace Hopper, the chip is based on technology developed by Arm Ltd., a U.K. chip designer that Nvidia is in the process of buying for around $40 billion.

The new chip puts Santa Clara, Calif.-based Nvidia, known for its speedy processors that power videogaming hardware, squarely in competition with Intel, which

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Why the president can’t quickly solve the computer chip shortage

But U.S. relations with another leading chipmaker, China, remain deeply strained and the Biden administration has so far kept in place Trump-era trade restrictions on Chinese tech firms, including Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp., one of the country’s largest chip makers.

“In the short term, government should refrain from intervening as industry works to correct the current supply-demand imbalance causing the shortage,” said John Neuffer, the president and CEO of the Semiconductor Industry Association. That could take many months, industry officials have said.

“The role we see for government is to ensure the long-term strength and resilience of America’s semiconductor supply

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