Technology has had a huge impact on the marketing field. Traditional methods of marketing like print, television, and radio continue to be used, but many of these channels are falling by the wayside.

Bennet Schwartz discusses how technology has changed the field of marketing, explaining how these updates are influencing the industry.


One of the most exciting changes that technology has brought to the marketing industry is the possibility of interactive advertisements. Customers are able to put a personal spin on the ad campaigns they love. For

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COVID-19 has given education a beating. More kids are failing than ever before. Dropout rates are up, inequities have been widened. Teachers have had panic attacks.

But the pain hasn’t entirely been for naught. As Utah school districts struggled to make the most of the past school year, they’ve come away with knowledge and innovations. Projects that had been bandied around for years, or even decades, suddenly coalesced. New ideas took root.

And as districts begin planning for next school year, which will hold its own cadre of pandemic-related uncertainties, they’re putting many of those new discoveries into play.


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After the year we collectively had in 2020, there’s nothing better than hearing just how excited SEO professionals are about what lies ahead.

This was a recurring theme in many sessions, live chats, and video networking conversations at SEJ eSummit.

As consumer behaviors and the ways we do business have dramatically changed due to the pandemic, search engines have evolved to stay ahead of the demand.

The SEJ eSummit SEO stage hosted several industry experts and leading brands including CNN, Uber, and Google, who shared their insight and experience on what those changes mean for SEO professionals in 2021.


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