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California plans to reopen economy June 15

California health officials and Newsom agree to reopen California’s economy when the vaccine supply is sufficient, and COVID-19 hospitalizations are low and steady.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — With more and more people receiving the coronavirus vaccine, California announced an end of the current tier system and a plan to reopen the state completely on June 15.

Today, Governor Gavin Newsom outlined the state’s next step in the COVID-19 pandemic recovery, moving beyond the Blueprint for a Safer Economic. State officials said Tuesday that enough people should be vaccinated by then to allow for life to almost get back to a

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California surpasses 90% internet access, low-income homes still lacking

California has reached a digital milestone as nearly 91% of its households have high-speed internet access, according to new statewide survey results released today by USC and the California Emerging Technology Fund.

That’s up from the 88% reported in 2019 by the biennial Statewide Survey on Broadband Adoption that monitors Californians’ digital access.

In addition, about 85% of residents — up from 78% two years ago — are using a desktop, laptop or tablet to connect to the internet. And fewer households — 6%, down from 10% two years ago — rely solely on smartphones to connect to the

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Martha Escutia says the time is now to expand internet access in California

When Martha Escutia started worrying about the digital divide in the 1990s, almost nobody knew what that term meant.

“I was digging through the newspaper classifieds, the want ads,” remembered Escutia, USC’s vice president for state government relations and special counsel. “I noticed it was getting thin, and that got me thinking: Where is this information going? It was going online.”

High-speed internet was not a novelty, she thought; it was a necessity. Amid a wave of telecom mergers in 2005, Escutia saw an opportunity.

“I said: ‘Let’s make it a condition of these mergers that these companies have

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